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  • IceQube - Sensor

    IceQube - Sensor

    Designed for use in both research and advanced animal management. Low-cost, long-life sensor. Based on, and compatible with, the IceTag sensor. 4 Hz sample rate. Data summarised into 15 minute blocks with lying bout analysis provided to the second. Data storage options of 3 days or up to 60 days. Fast wireless download to laptop or PC with the IceReader desktop download unit, or via automated farm download system to the CattleGrid online data...

  • IceTag - Sensor

    IceTag - Sensor

    Designed specifically for livestock researchers. 16Hz sample rate. On-board data storage up to 60 days. Data view and export by the second. Data export for in-depth statistical analysis. 5 year graduated warranty. Optional neck-based attachment for recording grazing behaviour. Data download wirelessly to PC via desktop IceReader unit.

  • CowAlert - Advanced Management System for Dairy Farmers

    CowAlert - Advanced Management System for Dairy Farmers

    CowAlert, an advanced management system for dairy farmers, is now available in the  UK, The Netherlands and Belgium  through our distribution partner, Alta Genetics. Availability will be extended to further countries soon.This uses the IceQube sensor monitoring dairy cow activity and behaviour, providing both highly accurate oestrus detection as well as powerful capabilities for alerting health issues such as lameness.