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  • Machinery

  • Fumimatic Machine

    Fumimatic Machine

    Machine recommended by pesticide manufacturers. Optimum size for protected crops. Optimizing the use of agrochemicals. Maximum security and quality of treatments. Greater profitability for its high work capacity and efficiency in the treatment. Low maintenance and easy handling.

  • Electrostatic Fumimatic Machine

    Electrostatic Fumimatic Machine

    Maximum forward speed 40 m/min. Control of forward and reverse speeds, smooth acceleration and braking. Maximum load: 1 person + tools (120kg).

  • Model ACH - 3000 - High-Density Cultivation Machine with Pipe-Rail

    Model ACH - 3000 - High-Density Cultivation Machine with Pipe-Rail

    Maximum maneuverability in aisles, with central axel automatic lifting. Double scissor lift hydraulic platform. Low gravity center design. Dimensions adapted to frameworks of high density planting. Joints with self-lubricated bushings. Aluminum grid skid platform.

  • Machine For Pipe-Rail Crops

    Machine For Pipe-Rail Crops

    Adjustable speed according to working needs. Smooth start / stop. Forward / backward driving. Manual raising working platform. Anti-slipperingplatform floor. Automatic charger incorporated.

  • Model ATH - 2700 - Trolley for Ground Greenhouses

    Model ATH - 2700 - Trolley for Ground Greenhouses

    Forward or reverse movement while pressing the pedal so hands are free to work. Smooth acceleration and braking. Emergency stop on both chassis and control panel. All-terrain traction. Special width wheels for sandy or hard grounds. Clutch for moving the trolley if battery is dead. Door opens inwards for safety. Self-closing door. Telescopic steering-wheel and railing to be adapted to each working height. Safety railing at 110 cm. Anti-skid working...

  • Rollable Hose Reel

    Rollable Hose Reel

    Rollable hose reel with remote control. The input of the hose is connected to the water tank. The output of the hose is connected to the spraying trolley. To release the hose we activate the reel with the remote control. When we reach the end of the row of plants, we press the remote control to reel in the hose and we open the valve to start spraying. When we come back to the front of the plant row, we close the spraying valve and stop the hose...

  • FumiRail Machine

    FumiRail Machine

    Maximum maneuverability. Automatic hose winder. Folding treatment booms. Up to 4 meters treatment heights. 80º ceramic hollow cone spray nozzles. Travel at high speed. Aluminum grid skid platform. Automatic spraying and forward / backward motion (optional).

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Model 4RA 370 - Double-Handle Collection Cart

    Model 4RA 370 - Double-Handle Collection Cart

    Specially designed for high-yield collection in places with very unstable and sandy or steep soils, as the dimensions of its wheel runs smoothly with very little effort. Polipox powder paint finish at 200 degrees oven. Mounted on 370x85 pneumatic wheel. Polyamide tire. Steel roller bearings. High resistance.

  • Pneumatic Wheel Hand-Truck

    Pneumatic Wheel Hand-Truck

    Manufactured with pneumatic wheel to move perfectly over the grounds of a typical farm operation. There are two versions: A short one to load vehicles indoors. A long one for other operations with no height limit.