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  • Redrock - Standard Flow Slurry Pump

    Redrock - Standard Flow Slurry Pump

    The Redrock slurry pump has quickly built a reputation for being strong, reliable and virtually maintenance-free. The offset nozzle allows slurry to be mixed in almost all directions. For varying tank depths, the pump can be adjusted by up to 300mm. 3-point linkage quick attach allows easy implement connection. And there’s no need to disconnect the PTO when lowering the pump into the tank.

  • Redrock - Paddle Feeders

    Redrock - Paddle Feeders

    Redrock’s paddle feeder is a prime example of the company’s quality approach to engineering. It’s sturdy, dependable and packed with features designed to help farmers get the job done. Split paddles on the rotor increase efficiency (faster mixing, less power usage); right-hand discharge chute ensures a comfortable ride and the blades are accessible from the outside for easier maintenance/replacement.