Idrofoglia Irrigation Systems was established in 1979 as a manufacturing company of irrigation machines, motor pumps and electricpumps using the 30 years` experience of its founders in the field of agricultural machineries. Today Idrofoglia is one of the most important industries of irrigation technologies for water and fluid movement and operates with a worldwide distribution network. Thanks to its capacity to renew and update constantly the production, the company has exponentially increased its turnover. This result shows a greater appre- ciation and satisfaction of customers from all over the world. Idrofoglia expanded its product range with motor pumps and electric pumps for industrial and construction - Idrofoglia Fluid Systems and with the firefighting and pressurization units - Idrofoglia Safety Systems.

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via Provinciale, 14 , Lunano (PU) , 61026 Italy

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In the agricultural machinery sector, Turbocar is absolutely the one that has achieved an incomparable technical development, as shown by the increasing satisfaction of those who use it.

Thanks to the results that have been reached, Turbocar succeeds in standing out stately all the alternative irrigation systems.
Today Turbocar represents the best answer to all needs of the modern irrigation. Environment preservation, practical use, minor starting investment, almost inexistent maintenance costs are the Turbocar strong points that enable it to be a unique and exclusive machine.


The experience and the craftsmanship of those who produce irrigation machines from the 70ies together with the modern technologies of 3D designing, cutting, forming, robotized welding and assembling, make Idrofoglia products a mix of tradition, innovation and technique.

Idrofoglia philosophy is based on the constant investments in technology, which is worldwide at the forefront, and on the continuous modernization of the production lines; this grants cutting edge and innovative machines. The excellence of Idrofoglia products is the synthesis of the modern production technologies and the iron working knowledge gained during the years and passed down up to now.


The history of Idrofoglia starts and is strictly connected to the Montefeltro territory. In fact Idrofoglia factories lie in this area, situated in the Pesaro hinterland, a territory connecting 4 regions of central Italy: Marches, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria.

This mixture of landscapes, dialects, customs and traditions, that are so close and so far to each other at the same time, represents the undeniable feature of this land. And it's just the awareness of the inestimable added value represented by the territory that takes Idrofoglia to adopt eco-friendly behaviours.

The environmental protection is a categorical imperative, supported by the belief that any activity developed on the territory must be carried out with the utmost compliance with the rules in force and in particular with the surrounding environment. In fact this treasure, for its beauty and for the inestimable value, must be safeguarded and preserved unchanged also for future generations.