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  • Covers for Agriculture

  • TNT Non-Woven Fabric Covers

    TNT Non-Woven Fabric Covers

    TNT non-woven fabric 17 g / m² , for use in open field; for the wide range of roll heights (from 1 to 12 m) it allows us to satisfy all your needs. The  TNT-Idroland  offers a number of advantages, in fact, its installation creates an  ideal microclimate for plants, protecting them from frosts  from wind and heavy rain. Thanks to our long experience we can say that with the TNT-Idroland your  crops  will have a ...

  • Film for Asparagus

    Film for Asparagus

    The POCKET FILM is the result of twenty years of research. It is a patented system that ensures maximum stability of the white asparagus coverage. Its excellent UV stabilization guarantees a duration over the years and with the particular formulation of the film is obtained by a high mechanical resistance. The special pockets are separated from each other to prevent the displacement of the soil inside them during the harvesting operations. In...

  • Film Coverage Grapes

    Film Coverage Grapes

    Film with lateral and central thickening characteristics to ensure a high resistance to mechanical stresses. The fabric is added with special anti-UV compounds Ni Benzophenone which gives the yellow color. The cloth in a single cast eyelet is reinforced at the edges to allow the application of the garter. Very good mechanical resistance and high visible light transmission. With thicknesses from 0.16 to 0.20 mm it is suitable for both the advance for...

  • Hail Nets

    Hail Nets

    High density polyethylene nets treated with a stabilization process that prevents the degradation caused by UV rays. Equipped with selvages on the side edges of 3 cm and 14 cm to the center it allows the network to have excellent resistance in high-stress areas. The network not only protect from the hail creates a favorable microclimate in anticipation of harvesting the fruit.

  • Film for Covering Grapes and Cherries

    Film for Covering Grapes and Cherries

    Film obtained by coupling a base strip (jute) and a polyethylene film. It has the characteristic of having a good transparency, but a very high resistance to mechanical stresses. It has lateral reinforcements and the central band and can be used with or without metal eyelets. It is possible to produce both laminated on one side (weight 165 grams), which on both sides (195 grams). It has no thermal effect but is designed to protect the fruits from the...

  • Mulching Telo UV Stabilized Polypropylene Fabric

    Mulching Telo UV Stabilized Polypropylene Fabric

    A very dense mesh is used for crops in the open field and in greenhouses or tunnels. The application of this very durable fabric is an environmentally friendly method to block the growth of weeds but is also an excellent system to reduce the evapotranspiration of water from the soil.  The squaring of the fabric facilitates the alignment of the culture vessels.

  • Shading Networks

    Shading Networks

    The networks provide a shield from 45% to 85% ideal for tunnel protection, orchards and gardens and parking areas. They can be either in HDPE polyethylene strip, is woven monofilament (of the type antiafidi but black in color).