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  • Single-span Greenhouses

    Single-span Greenhouses

    ORIENTE TS is the 'historical' greenhouse made with bows round tube diam. Ø 60 that over the last few years have availed itselve of an incremental innovation that led to the ability to create new versions of tunnel with multiple benefits in efficiency and effectiveness in agri-business. ORIENTE TS has been leading for years both the horticulture and floriculture. Therefore, IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI is the absolute leader in the Italian market and...

  • Multi-span Greenhouses

    Multi-span Greenhouses

    MULTIHORTUS greenhouse has been designed for customers who have large surfaces of coverage. The strenghts of this model are its affordability, quality and robustness. Its main technical feature is a single central column fixed to the ground with a 'helix' or a ' base plate'. Another important feature is the presence of a robust galvanized gutter on which they are installed special batch rollers and clips for fixing plastic film tension. This system...