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  • Greenhouses- Single Span Greenhouses

  • ORIENTE  - Model TS  - Tunnel Greenhouse

    ORIENTE - Model TS - Tunnel Greenhouse

    ORIENTE TS is the 'historical' greenhouse made with bows round tube diam. Ø 60 that over the last few years have availed itselve of an incremental innovation that led to the ability to create new versions of tunnel with multiple benefits in efficiency and effectiveness in agri-business. ORIENTE TS has been leading for years both the horticulture and floriculture. Therefore, IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI is the absolute leader in the Italian market and...

  • ATLANTIC  - Model TS  - Single Span Greenhouses

    ATLANTIC - Model TS - Single Span Greenhouses

    TLANTIC TSis a greenhouse designed with straight sides and covered with an arched roof made of two semi-arches joined to the ridge. This model is unique for is simple design that eases assembly. It is a low cost model and can be easily adopted to produce a large variety of products within horticulture and floriculture. Straight sides allow to use wholly all the spaces inside the greenhouse. Vertical crops can easily stand and any system used in-door...

  • Atlantic - Single Span Greenhouses

    Atlantic - Single Span Greenhouses

    ATLANTIC greenhouses presents a straight layout with curved roof based on arches. It is a greenhouse model with great demand and use in both horticultural and floricultural industry. This model is customizable in coverage type, ventilation system as well as in structural dimensions. This feature enables the design and development of a product in accordance to end user’s requests. This greenhouse is composed by materials developed and test with...

  • Greenhouses- Multi Span Greenhouses

  • MULTYHORTUS  - Multi Span Greenhouses

    MULTYHORTUS - Multi Span Greenhouses

    MULTIHORTUS greenhouse has been designed for customers who have large surfaces of coverage. The strenghts of this model are its affordability, quality and robustness. Its main technical feature is a single central column fixed to the ground with a 'helix' or a ' base plate'.

  • MULTYATLANTIC  - Multi Span Greenhouses

    MULTYATLANTIC - Multi Span Greenhouses

    MULTYATLANTIC multi-span greenhouses are based on a single central column -diam. Ø 60 - with the characteristic of having a right moulded side that  is connected to the upper arch - diam.Ø 60.- of the roof. MULTIATLANTIC is a very demanded model as well as its ‘sister’ with single-span ATLANTIC. This greenhouse is implemented in both sectors: horticulture and floriculture.

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  • Hot Air Generators

    Hot Air Generators

    The air heaters Agricultureand Industrymodels allow effective and concrete resultrs in order to heat greenhouses with excellent yields. The compact size and the capability to be hung up to the greenhouse structure makes the installation of this product easy in any room. These systems can be supplied with single or twin wheels: Trolley version. Otherwise, they are furnished with supports in case of Hanging version. Agriculture models are easily...