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  • Sprinklers Inlet 3/4`

  • Model R3V - Full Circle Sprinkler

    Model R3V - Full Circle Sprinkler

    The two nozzles are both equipped with a flow breaker that helps obtaining small drops and homogeneous distribution of water even at low pressure The sprinkler is particularly suitable for gardens,or for sensible and delicate cultivations in all the steps of growth.The bigger precipitation this model can give satisfies special needs of the crop or respects the eventual necessity to water sufficiently in a shorter frame of time....

  • Model R3S - Full and Part Circle Sprinkler

    Model R3S - Full and Part Circle Sprinkler

    Full and part circle sprinkler, of low capacity. One nozzle. Inlet 3/4' Fem. The sprinkler can give a particularly homogeneous distribution of water. The adjustable flow breaker helps regulating volume of drops and length of throw. R3S is particularly suitable for gardens and demanding or delicate crops in all their steps of growth; it can be used also for frost protection.