Our Experiences of the past had strengthened the Our Present New, the Future is on tour Hands. IdroMOP perfectsyour style with a new line of devices for the irrigation Innovation, integration inturbveness. internet foreverand everywhere on Your Hands. IndroMOP for a better Future on the total respect of the nature.

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Via Generale Dalla Chiesa - 94/D , Sarcedo (VI) , Via Genera Italy

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We are the only manufacturer firm of electronic apparatus for agricolture that has developed a unique COMPLETE IRRIGATION SYSTEM. Our products called EasyMOP, IdroMOP and IrriMOP are electronic units dedicated to the management of irrigation plants: they allow to check every part of the irriguous process in a very simple and intuitive way...from the water-fishing to the water-spout through the motorpump managemen and the self-moving sprinkler.