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  • Horticulture

  • NeoPAR - Horticulture LED Fixture

    NeoPAR - Horticulture LED Fixture

    The NeoPAR by Illumitex redefines the relationship between lighting science and the science of growing. This fixture combined with our latest X6 Spectrum offers:

  • PowerHarvest - High Power LED Fixture

    PowerHarvest - High Power LED Fixture

    The PowerHarvest has high power LEDs combined with wide distribution optics ensuring maximum canopy penetration & optimal plant growth from both vegetative and bloom stages.  Designed and tested specifically for indoor grow operations, including greenhouses, sole-source facilities, and other CEA applications. Wireless controls option equips growers with the ability to easily control one fixture or thousands of fixtures from a laptop computer,...

  • Wireless Controllers

    Wireless Controllers

    All system components are future proof. All control is maintained locally. Internet access is NOT required (but optional). Remotely access via ETH or Cellular. Simple graphical user interface control (Easy to use, set-up, and commission). Operates wirelessly across our robust 2.4GHz SNAP mesh network

  • Eclipse - Vertical Farms LED Fixture

    Eclipse - Vertical Farms LED Fixture

    The Eclipse line from Illumitex is designed for vertical farms seeking high levels of photosynthetic flux(PPF) and light uniformity within a slim design. The fixtures can be daisy chained in rows of up to 15 fixtures (22 for low watt option), requiring fewer outlets and making installation easy.Now available at 113 PPF and 2.0 μmol/J efficiency.