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  • Metallic Silo

    Metallic Silo

    In 1970 ILPERSA manufactured its first metallic silo and during this long time period we have been concerned with the ongoing improvement of our product thanks to the memorandum of understanding which we maintain with the Polytechnical University of Valencia as well as with the accumulated experience in projects carried out in Europe, Africa and Asia Minor.

  • Telescopic Sleeves

    Telescopic Sleeves

    For loading trucks, tanks or wagons, without emissions of dust into the atmosphere, the use of “Moduflex” telescopic sleeves is highly recommended which can be adapted to any kind of truck and installation with the possibility of incorporating aspiration filters which reduce the product dust when loading the trucks.

  • Classification By Color

    Classification By Color

    Should it be wished to separate faulty products owing to colour differences, the vast range of “Anzai” selection machines enables us to find the equipment which is most appropriate for the work to be carried out. From channel machines to belt machines, with CCD cameras and high speed, we can treat your product from white rice, cargo, broad beans, sesame, potato chips, corn flakes, salt, rock salt, recycling of materials etc.

  • Cold Storage Of Grain

    Cold Storage Of Grain

    To ensure the storage of the grains, the best solution is to the reduce the temperature thereof whereby it is managed to stop the development of fungus and insects. To this end we have “Granifrigor” equipment which enables us to blow cold, dry air into the grain stored, managing to lower the temperature and humidity of the grain. A wide range enables us to provide you with that equipment which best suits your needs and climate zone, with...

  • Hoppers, Tanks, Piping And Accessories

    Hoppers, Tanks, Piping And Accessories

    Our Technical Workshop and Production departments enable us to provide you with precise solutions for the installation of the individual machines which you require, from regulating hoppers, regular, galvanised or stainless steel tanks, connection tubing between the different machines as well as structures supports and iron fittings in general.

  • Cleaning, Sorting, Screening And Treatment

  • Cleaners


    Cimbria cleaners have been developed for the separation of grains and seeds in line with their size. The main reason which has led us to commercialise these machines for the last 20 years is the high satisfaction level of our clients, largely brought about by the quality of the manufacturing materials, the low level of noise and vibrations, the excellent final product results and the high degree of reliability. The main materials used in the...

  • Indented cylinders

    Indented cylinders

    Indented cylinders are used for the separation of grains and granulated products by length. Our range of models encompasses different lengths and diameters of cylinders from Ø400 to Ø900 mm. The unit capacities depending on the model are from 1 to 15 Ton/h and the main advantages provided by Cimbria-Heid indented cylinder over other brands are the following: