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  • Impex - Poultry Nipples

  • Impex - Model I-Classic - Poultry Nipples

    Impex - Model I-Classic - Poultry Nipples

    The Impex Classic nipples originates from the first production of Impex drinking nipples started in the year 1965. These nipples are specially designed for poultry from the age of approximately 16 weeks and older and for birds that are used to drink from nipple drinkers. These nipples are precision-made so that the water supply is enough, but not too much when the birds activate the nipple. The nipples have a 180° movable pin. All nipples are made...

  • Impex - Model I-Flex - Poultry Nipples

    Impex - Model I-Flex - Poultry Nipples

    A good start is very important for day-old birds. The Impex Flex nipples guarantees easy water access because of its 360° side-action pin. The water supply of these nipples is just sufficient in every stage of the birds life, as a result of its precision-manufacturing. All nipples are made entirely of high quality stainless steel and some with a Delrin outer body. These nipples are especially suitable for broilers, rearing and layers. Nipples used...

  • Impex - Poultry Feeding Systems

  • Feed Trays

    Feed Trays

    PVC feed tray, round model. For day-old chicks. 

  • Model AL-1 PVC - PVC Feeders

    Model AL-1 PVC - PVC Feeders

    Feeder AL-1 PVC. Standing type. Suited for rearing cages. Feed tray 17 cm Ø, 5 cm rim height. 1 feeder serves ±50 chicks. 

  • Egg Candlers and Incubators

  • Candlers - Egg Tester

    Candlers - Egg Tester

    Lyon egg tester 220 Volt. Variable intensity control. Connection for two candlers. 

  • Pig Equipment

  • ECO-line - Pig Drinking Nipples

    ECO-line - Pig Drinking Nipples

    The ECO line owes its name to the ECO automatic regulator mounted on these drinking nipples. ECO regulators provide the required optimal and constant water flow rate from the first to the last pig drinker in the entire pig house, regardless of input water pressure. 

  • ECO  - Stainless Steel Bite Nipple

    ECO - Stainless Steel Bite Nipple

    Bite nipple stainless steel, with ECO regulator 0.5 ltr/min. For piglets.  50.01.95305 ECO piglet bite nipple 3/8' with 1/2' connector