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  • It’s a (bio)gas, gas, gas for British farmers

    It’s a (bio)gas, gas, gas for British farmers

    Land, labour and capital resource-related requirements, as well as significant regulatory and financial barriers are preventing more farmers from adopting an important renewable energy technology – Anaerobic Digestion, or Biogas to give it its ...

  • Genetically modified benefits

    Genetically modified benefits

    Despite the proclamations of the so-called “organic” movement and the anti-industry activists, small farmers in developing countries are benefiting significantly from genetically modified crops, according to a large review of the ...

  • Africa’s agricultural revolution from city to field

    Africa’s agricultural revolution from city to field

    Across the globe, universities play a significant role in a nation’s socio-economic development. They contribute to the advancement and dissemination of new knowledge. Umezuruike Linus of the Opara Faculty of AgriSciences, at Stellenbosch ...

  • Basin instinct

    Basin instinct

    Lake Eyre, some 100 kilometres North of Adelaide, Australia, could become a thriving centre of bio-saline agriculture and trade and industry if an ambitious macro-engineering project were to be implemented. The Australian outback is well known for ...

  • Papyrus plant detox for slaughterhouses

    Papyrus plant detox for slaughterhouses

    Humans have used the papyrus sedge for millennia. The Ancient Egyptians wrote on it, it can be made into highly buoyant boats, it is grown for ornamentation and parts can even be eaten. Now, writing in the International Journal of Environmental ...

  • The end of glaciers

    The end of glaciers

    A new analysis of climate change data and the effects of rising levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxides suggests that we are at the end of the period in Earth’s history during which icy glaciers form. The study further ...