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  • Drip/Micro Irrigation System

    Drip/Micro Irrigation System

    Indiana Irrigation is a distributor for disposable drip tape made by Toro Ag., Rivulis, and EuroDrip. This easy to use tape is beneficial in watering flower beds, gardens, vegetable fields, and tobacco fields. In addition to disposable tape we also handle the more durable Drip-In tubing for the nursery, forestry, and orchard applications. Along with the tubing we have a full inventory of emitters, sprays, spaghetti tube, drip connector fittings,...

  • Injectors Irrigation System

    Injectors Irrigation System

    An option that may take your irrigation system from good to great is a an injector for adding nutrition and chemical balance to your plant production. We provide a range of injection products to suite your needs whether water powered or electric, low volume drip to high volume center pivot applications.

  • Irrigation Pumps

    Irrigation Pumps

    Indiana Irrigation has a wide selection of pumps available! We can meet your needs for an irrigation project of any size and type. We carry Doda, Berkeley, Franklin Electric, Caprari and Monarch pumps, along with Cadman power units.

  • Model T-L - Pivots Hydraulic Design System

    Model T-L - Pivots Hydraulic Design System

    When we deliver a center pivot to meet your needs as a producer we want to provide only the best. We know that ultimately comes down to reliable and even water application delivered at the right time. Our experience has proven the ability of the T-L brand to deliver on those requirements better than any other option on the market. T-L's hydrostatic drive delivers simple smooth and reliable movement that eliminates the hazards of mixing high voltage...

  • K-Line - Irrigation Systems

    K-Line - Irrigation Systems

    K-Line Irrigation Systems have multiple uses including pasture irrigation, alfalfa and forage irrigation, sod farms, effluent disposal, fire and dust control, orchard irrigation, logging industry, and land reclamation. K-Line is also perfect for situations where irrigation equipment must be totally removed for other activities like athletic fields, golf courses, polo fields, indoor and outdoor arenas, racetrack conditioning, cemetery irrigation, and...

  • Indiana Irrigation - Travelers System

    Indiana Irrigation - Travelers System

    Indiana Irrigation is a dealer for several traveler irrigation manufacturers including: Kifco, Cadman, Baur, and ABI. We are able to design a system with the equipment that best suits your individual needs.

  • Buckeye - Mulch Layers

    Buckeye - Mulch Layers

    The Buckeye mulch layer is the perfect solution for a job well done. Some of the features are: Mastery with precision, deluxe features, fully adjustable, positive depth control, use on flat-land or existing raised beds, models for all growers.