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  • Biostimulants

  • Numerica Ultra

    Numerica Ultra

    Numerica Ultra is a phytoprotectant based on activated phosphorous (ion phosphite) which increases the crop vigour and activates the metabolism that strengthen natural defences against fungal diseases. A highly concentrated formulation phosphorous and potassium, easily absorbed by the crops. Early application will increase plant rooting and lead to better establishment and the potassium provides greater weight, size and will increase and intensify...

  • Foliar Fertilisers

    Foliar Fertilisers

    Foliar feeding is a common practice where by fertilisers, dissolved in water, are applied directly to plant foliage for direct absorption by the leaves. It is recommended when environmental conditions limit the uptake of nutrients by roots. Such conditions may include high or low soil pH, temperature stress, too low or too high soil moisture, root disease, presence of pests that affect nutrient uptake and nutrient imbalances in soil.

  • Micronutrients

  • IndiPlex B

    IndiPlex B

    Indiplex B is a soluble fertiliser containing 17.0% elemental boron. In the plant, boron has important role in carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis, seed and cell wall formation, germination of pollen grains and tubes and sugar translocation. Deficiencies include: water core in apple; black heart of cabbage, cauliflower and sugar beet; dropping of buds or blossom of citrus, pear and olive trees; short internode and growth reduction of...

  • Quality Enhancers

  • Nutriphos


    Nutriphos is a highly available form of phosphate particularly suitable for foliar application. It also contains calcium, magnesium and potassium in a formulation which exhibits a high degree of crop safety. The benefits of using Nutriphos include , ability to raise phosphate levels in leaves and fruit, improved fruit firmness, colour and post-harvest storage.