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INDUSTRIAS DAVID is devoted to the research, development and fabrication of agricultural machinery, mainly for wine-growing, olive-growing, orchard and horticulture, developing new products to make the agricultural and farm work easier and improving the efficiency of the plantations. All our departments located in two fabrication places interact with each other to fulfill the requirements of an always more and more exigent market.

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P.I. Urbayecla II, C/ Medico Miguel Lucas, s/n - Apdo 6 , YECLA , Murcia 30510 Spain

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In 1914, a young man calledDavidfounded a small forge for the production of agricultural tools and horse pulled ploughs.

With the arrival of tractors, the company based its activity in the development of different farm implements, especially mouldboard ploughs, which were produced during years. Most of them were distributed in the national market. In the 70´s the company starts the implementation of hydraulic systems in many products and begins to develop machinery for other applications like wine-growing. During the 80´s the company abandoned the production of mouldboad ploughs and focused all the efforts in the research and development of specific machinery as requested by a new generation of clients. With itINDUSTRIAS DAVIDstarts its adventure in the international market. 

With the arrival of new technologies in the 90´s,INDUSTRIAS DAVIDexpands and moves firmly towards a new age of technical advances, making use of the most sophisticated technologies and tools like computed aided design, informatics and communication technologies, being one of the first companies in our sector offering interactive catalogues, brochures and sales through the internet. Our portfolio keeps growing. R&D and our big expertise become the main pillars of our working philosophy.  

With the beginning of the millennium, we are facing new fascinating challenges. In the last years new automation and information technologies, like GPS technology, have been incorporated. All our efforts are focused on approaching a new concept:“precision agriculture” 

Today INDUSTRIAS DAVID, still a family-owned company, is market and technology leader in its sector. We keep on developing and facing new challenges with enthusiasms and always oriented towards the newest technologies to keep leading the agriculture of the future.