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  • Arbo

  • Hydraulic Plant

    Hydraulic Plant

    Hydraulic power unit to be coupled to the tractor by a three-point hitch. Driven by the P.T.O. and designed for use with hydraulic farming implements mounted to the tractor, like cane trimmers, pre-pruning machines, leaf pluckers, interstocks, etc.

  • Chassis  - Automatic in Row Weeders

    Chassis - Automatic in Row Weeders

    Non cultivation chassis equipped with 1 o 2 electro hydraulic in-row weeder (for vines or trees), fully automated, for the cultivation and weeding between the plants in a row (e.g. vineyard and orchard). The in-row weeders are driven by a hydraulic power unit and controlled by a control panel installed in the tractor cab. The chassis can be design in different sizes and shapes in order to be adjusted to any kind of plantation. To be...

  • Thermal Weed Control Equipment

    Thermal Weed Control Equipment

    This equipment is designed for the elimination and control of weed by means of a thermal treatment. A thermal –shock is applied to the weeds by using a thermal shield with gas burners. Punctual temperatures up to 1000°C are applied to the weed within milliseconds causing a dehydration of the weed, eliminating them in an environmental friendly way.

  • Model DUPLEX - Hydraulic Forklifts

    Model DUPLEX - Hydraulic Forklifts

    Son elevadores hidráulicos acoplables a tractor de manera frontal o a los 3 puntos traseros de cualquier tractor. Equipan mástiles telescópicos de dos cuerpos (dúplex) con perfiles de chapa estampada de acero antidesgaste (serie ligera) o de acero laminado en forma de “U” (serie reforzada).

  • Horti

  • Solid Fertilizer Distributors Bedders

    Solid Fertilizer Distributors Bedders

    High performance machine for applying organic fertilizers (dung) with integrated plough. The machine is pulled and driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The equipment allows an accurate dosing of the fertilizer either by spreading in the surface or by localizing it at a defined depth in the soil. The high flexibility and the multiple available accessories allow the use in many different plantations. 

  • Semichisel Cultivadores

    Semichisel Cultivadores

    Semichisel cultivator specially designed to work in vineyards and orchard plantations. Different models available adjustable to the kind of plantation. To be coupled in the rear three point hitch of any tractor. The particular disposition of the arms allow to work always at the same distance between arms independent if the cultivator is totally extended or folded, avoiding obstructions with grass or weeds. Its...

  • Olive

  • Sulfur Dusters

    Sulfur Dusters

    High performance duster machine with high capacity. Accurate dosage due to its volumetric system. Suitable for any kind of dust or granulates thanks to its feeding mechanism, consisting in an infeed chain with shovel system assisted by a pressurized powder tank. The dust does not pass though the turbine avoiding unbalancing problems of the turbine and fire risk. Excellent performance up to 10 Ha/hour with an excellent penetration and powder...

  • Surface Spreaders for Fertilizers

    Surface Spreaders for Fertilizers

    Machine for spreading organic fertilizers (dung) and mineral fertilizers, pulled and driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The machine allows an accurate dosing and spreading of the product in a width up to 15 meter, with an excellent crushing and homogeneous distribution of the fertilizers.