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  • Building Products

  • Polyethylene Rolled Strand Sheath

    Polyethylene Rolled Strand Sheath

    Polyethylene rolled strand sheath for neutralizing the reinforcement strands inside the prestressed beams. Can be used for different types of strands and wires, the rolled sheath is very easy to apply.

  • Polyethylene Smooth Sheath

    Polyethylene Smooth Sheath

    Polyethylene smooth sheath for anchors. Usually the sheaths are made in the Ø 65, 75, 92 mm with a thickness from 1,4 to 3 mm.

  • Model PE100 - Welding Wire

    Model PE100 - Welding Wire

    Welding Wires High-density polyethylene (HDPE) PE100, full rod Ø 4mm. Color Black. 900 m coils. Suitable for welding by means of lamination of polyethylene parts.

  • Agricultural Product

  • Polyethylene Micropipes

    Polyethylene Micropipes

    Low Density Polyethylene Micropipes for irrigation produced with I^ choice material. Color Black. Availables in the following size: Ø 0,8 x 3 – 1 x 3 – 1,2 x 3 – 1,5 x 3 in cardboard coils and pieces with lenghts from 60 to 120 cm in packs of 500 items.

  • Polyethylene Little Pipes

    Polyethylene Little Pipes

    Low density polyethylene pipes for irrigation made with I^ choice raw material. Color black. Available in the following size: Ø 4 x 6 and 6 x 8, 100 m reels.

  • Pre-Assembled Capillary Pipes

    Pre-Assembled Capillary Pipes

    Capillary pipes pre-assembled according to customers requirements. Pipe PE L.D. PN.4 I^ choice colors black or White (outside) / Black (inside) Ø 20, 25 or 32 mm pre-assembled, with single or double step, micropipe (“spaghetto”)PE LD black Ø 0,8 x 3, 1 x 3, 1,2 x 3 or 1,5 x 3, length from 60 to 120 cm. Standard lenght of reels: Pipe Ø 20 Reels 200 m, Pipe Ø 25 Reels 150 m, Pipe Ø 32 Reels 100 m. A well...

  • Micropipe Holding Rods

    Micropipe Holding Rods

    Support and direct the micropipe inside the jar: Oval rods and Chicane rods, classic products. Plug-on rods, to stop water flow from the single micropipe. Cage rods (designed for Bulbacee and suitable for small bonsai pots), the cage holds the micropipe, to better control the water flow and avoids wetting the plant bulb. Screw-on rods, self-threading inside of which the micropipe (with outer Ø from 3 to 3,2 mm) is screwed, available both in...