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  • Harvester

  • Model ILH9-650 - Heavy-Duty Powered Harvester

    Model ILH9-650 - Heavy-Duty Powered Harvester

    The heavy-duty ILH9-650 delivers an impressive 650 cu. ft. payload capacity and 9'-wide cut, equipping you to combat substantial weed infestations with ease and strength. Used with our transport barge, the ILH9-650 will help you clear and manage your waterways in record time.

  • Other Products

  • Shore Conveyor

    Shore Conveyor

    Inland Lake Harvester's shore conveyors allow harvested materials to be easily transported from either our harvester models or shuttle barge into your waiting truck or trailer for final removal. Setting up the Shore Conveyor is a snap with our hydraulically actuated landing gear, enabling you to move to different locations quickly and to complete your harvesting job efficiently.

  • Trailer


    Matching the strength and durability of our harvesters, Inland's trailers and transport accessories keep with our tradition of heavy-duty design and construction.

  • Trailer Conveyor

    Trailer Conveyor

    The dual purpose design of Inland's heavy-duty trailer conveyor system is a great advantage for efficiency and productivity. Designed to both transport your harvester to and from your waterway as well as to carry harvested weeds to your spoil site, our trailer conveyor gives you the strength and functionality to complete your jobs quickly and with less equipment.

  • Transport Shuttle Barge

    Transport Shuttle Barge

    An integral part of a full waterway management solution, Inland's transport shuttle barge lets your harvester stay focused on it's most valuable task–harvesting–by transferring and delivering the collected payloads back to shore. Used in combinations where the shuttle barge holds more than a single payload from the harvester, this addition to your fleet can be invaluable when travel time is extensive or the weed infestation is abundant.