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  • Hatchery/Laboratory

  • Service Aqua - Frozen Maturation Feeds

    Service Aqua - Frozen Maturation Feeds

    Service Aqua is a very reliable source for Frozen Maturation Feeds for fish and shrimp maturation. Service Aqua has locations in the USA and Europe, giving us the tools to serve customers in the Americas, Australasia and Africa. Service Aqua, with 10 years experience in this sourcing and supplying service, offers now: Farmed polychaetes from Holland. Ten years ago, Service Aqua was one of the few pioneers in introducing farmed polychaetes to the...

  • Farm/Field activities, AQ1 Systems

  • ETEC - Floating Pumps & Shrimp Harvester

    ETEC - Floating Pumps & Shrimp Harvester

    ETEC is a company supplying solutions targeting efficiency in pumping large volume of water, needed in aquaduct, agriculture, aquaculture, flooding control and irrigation systems. ETEC produces innovating solutions which bring reliable & long-lasting devices with savings & efficiency as the result of a team work of engineers and water users like aquaculturists. These solutions are applied to pumping of large volume of freshwater, brackishwater...

  • AQ1 - Acoustic Feeder Control

    AQ1 - Acoustic Feeder Control

    AQ1 Systems is the world leading supplier of sensor based feeding control technology for aquaculture. Specialized in acoustic and optical sensing technology, AQ1 provides feeding control and sizing system solutions to aquaculture farms and researchers on 25 species of fish and shrimp. The systems drive productivity by reducing FCR, increasing growth, minimizing environmental outputs as well as reducing size disparity at harvest.