Innovaciones Técnicas Agrícolas S.L.(INTA)

Innovaciones Técnicas Agrícolas S.L.(INTA)

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  • Fertigation

  • INTA - Model CDN (EN) - Fertigation Equipment

    INTA - Model CDN (EN) - Fertigation Equipment

    The fertigation equipment designed to meet the needs of the most complex and demanding operations, is professionally designed, which takes into account aesthetics, functionality and robustness. Accurate and reliable dosing. Equipment based on magnetic pumps with three-way valves and mixing tank, with the possibility of incorporating fertilizer flow-meters that allow you to measure consumption and automatically adjust the dosage of each fertilizer.

  • INTA - Model Allimix - Fertigation System

    INTA - Model Allimix - Fertigation System

    The ALLMIX fertigation equipment is professionally designed, aesthetic and functional with the simplicity of its dosing system. Simple dosing system with high accuracy. Equipment based on circular Venturi with a high level of accuracy in the dosage of fertilizers, by using flow meters and automatic fertilizer dosing adjustment. A hydraulic design proven over many years of experience which guarantees high reliability. Flexibility to adapt to any...

  • INTA - Economix (EN)

    INTA - Economix (EN)

    The simplest fertigation System in the range but with the aesthetics and function of its big brothers. Simple dosing system with high accuracy. Just as the AllMIX this equipment is based on circular Venturi, which can include flow meters for maximum accuracy in fertilizer dosing. Flexibility to adapt to any installation or crop. The ECONOMIX meets the needs of your installation at a very competitive price and with the provisions of the high range...

  • INTA - Sysinta

    INTA - Sysinta

    The SYSINTA application is ideal for fertigation management of any installation from your work-place or any location with Internet access. Program the irrigation and fertilizer parameters for your installation. Review and program any irrigation and fertigation parameter of your crop with the PC or MOBILE or TABLET via the internet from your field or anywhere else. Instant and complete information. SYSINTA will allow you to monitor the irrigation in...

  • INTA EnviroSCAN - Soil Moisture Probes

    INTA EnviroSCAN - Soil Moisture Probes

    The EnviroSCAN moisture sensor measures changes in moisture and root activity at different levels, allowing us to optimize the contribution of water and keep moisture at its optimum level for plant growth. Sending information via radio for safe and effective communication without wiring. You can download the data to the web server by GPRS and access the data from anywhere. There is possible integration with our CDN fertigation unit, for automatic and...