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  • Picas Enterprise - Flagship Production System

    Picas Enterprise - Flagship Production System

    Picas Enterprise is our flagship production system for operations requiring comprehensive automation in the horticultural industry. This end-to-end solution will provide your company with all the functionality you need upfront to be successful, with the ability to continue building and enhancing your system over time. The Picas Enterprise system is designed and built for both Grower Ready and Retail Ready operations.

  • Picas - Version Standard Edition - Automation Software

    Picas - Version Standard Edition - Automation Software

    Designed on the same platform as Picas Enterprise, Picas Standard Edition is an easy to use, affordable software solution for growers requiring a moderate level of automation. This scaled down version of Enterprise includes seamlessly integrated core modules for basic management functionality, and the ability to grow your system over time.

  • Picas - Core Module List

    Picas - Core Module List

    The Picas program has many core modules, each one focusing on a different aspect of your business. Picas modules are seamlessly connected, and include Order Entry, Purchasing, Crop Management, Inventory Control, Sales Analysis, and an Accounting suite.

  • Picas Modules

  • Picas - Inventory Module

    Picas - Inventory Module

    The Picas Inventory module handles the setup of all inventory type items, such as crops and hard goods (boxes, trays, etc). This module is used to setup crop plans (growing cycles) and all of the peripheral data that is needed for a crop plan (product lines, pricing, environments, etc). With the Inventory module, you will setup all of the hard goods that you want to track. You can also attach these hard goods to the crop plans so that Picas can let...

  • Crop Management

    Crop Management

    Crop Management is the heart of Picas. Here you will control your crop’s growing cycle with functions like stock plants, germ rates, adjustments, physical counts, material and activity requirements, and much more. This module is filled with reports that allow you to see availability, capacity planning, crop analysis, germ rates, planned vs. actual and more. Based off production schedules, Picas will tell you what you need to plant or...

  • Purchase Orders Module

    Purchase Orders Module

    While the main function of this module is to generate purchase orders to your suppliers, you will also find many added functions that will help you to keep this process simple. Some of these functions include maintaining your vendors and your vendor’s items, requisitions, receiving functions, returns and document management. This module interfaces with the crop management module to allow you to quickly create purchase orders from material...

  • Picas - Sales Analysis

    Picas - Sales Analysis

    Picas Sales Analysis provides you with the tools to analyze your customers and products profitability while giving you the information you need to make critical business decisions. Just a few of the reports currently available are Sales Summary, Sales Analysis, Sales Detail, Sales Comparison, Expected vs. Sold, Material Sales, Invoice Detail and Summary, Substitution Analysis, Freight Analysis, Credit Analysis, and Volume Analysis.

  • Picas Accounts Module

    Picas Accounts Module

    Picas Accounts Receivable Module: Discover the conveniences of having an accounting program that is tailored around the Greenhouse Industry. In the Accounts Receivable module the current reports available are Aging, Activity, Open Credit, Cost Analysis, Distribution, Invoice Summary, Journals, and Statements.

  • Labor Tracking

    Labor Tracking

    We have partnered with Cincinnati Time Systems to build the most efficient, full featured Labor Tracking System for the Greenhouse industry.

  • Data Collection

    Data Collection

    Using portable handheld devices, information can be gathered right in the greenhouse or outside in the field. This saves endless hours of keying information into the system based on handwritten notes which are often entered incorrectly. There are many functions available such as sowing, sticking, transplanting, adjustments, physical counts, area moves, and germ rate adjustments. Data collection is key to keeping information up-to-date and accurate.