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  • Pig Mgt

  • Cattle Mgt- RIC system

  • Compu Feeder

    Compu Feeder

    New EU regulation is stating that as from 1 January 2013 all  sows from four days after natural or artificial insemination must be housed in groups up to one week before the expected farrowing time. The most ideal solution is a feeding station  with possibilities for small static  groups to large dynamic groups. Insentec BV, as developer and producer of the Compufeeder has already many years of experience with this form of innovative...

  • Roughage Intake Control System (RCI)

    Roughage Intake Control System (RCI)

    The RIC (Roughage Intake Control) system is giving you the possibility of complete individual control of the roughage intake of dairy cows or beef cattle. The system also provides information about individual feed intake behaviour.

  • Intelligent Feeding Gate

    Intelligent Feeding Gate

    There are two versions of the RIC system. The simplest version is the intelligent feeding gate. Which consists of a galvanized feeding gate, an access slide, identification sensors and cow identification. The feeding gate is a solid, open construction and is not an obstruction during feed intake. A vertical access slide enables the animals to eat. After a visiting period, which has been set in advance, the slide will push the cow out of the...

  • Cattle Mgt- Automatic Milk System

  • Galaxy Astrea - Model 20.20 AMS - Automatic Milk System

    Galaxy Astrea - Model 20.20 AMS - Automatic Milk System

    For many years, after successful application in industry, the new ASTREA 20.20 concept is now proving its clear competitive edge. The tried and trusted industrial robot technology provides exceptional levels of reliability. During the milking process, there is no more technology present under the cow. Lower stress levels, but also a reduced risk of injury to the cow and faults in the equipment, mean that ASTREA 20.20 technology is indisputably unique....

  • TIM - Model 20.20 - Farm Control System

    TIM - Model 20.20 - Farm Control System

    Based on many years of research and experience, Insentec has developed the TIM 20.20 FarmController (Total Integrated Management), a comprehensive new and sensational management system for the dairy industry: 'the new main portal of the dairy farm'.  The TIM 20.20 truly is a mathematical genius: the first system that will translate all daily information, externally, internally, locally and internationally, into exclusive and...

  • Cattle Mgt- Conventional

  • Unipuls  - Milk Measuring Flexible System

    Unipuls - Milk Measuring Flexible System

    Unipuls is the most flexible system on the market for management in a modern dairy. With the Unipuls system it is possible to start with automation that fits the best for your farm and livestock and to be extended in later phases, whilst retaining the earlier investments.

  • Model MRS  - Activity Measuring Transponder

    Model MRS - Activity Measuring Transponder

    Insentec BV has deveoped a leg transponder, especially for dairy farms. With the MRS (Motion Registration System) it’s not only possible to identify a cow, but also to measure the cow’s activity. By this the user has the possibility to screen the herd activity most accurate. Besides that the system has been developed to do a precise forecast concerning the cow’s heat by means of the values measured.

  • Feed Station System

    Feed Station System

    Insentec's feed system features a robust feeding station, top quality electronics, advanced feeding software and flexible possibilities to extend the system. The feeding station can supply a maximum of four different feed types. Liquid additive can also be dispensed. The feed falls into the feed trough at the same time from the synthetic hopper. The shape of the feed trough ensures that the animals can easily consume the feed,...