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  • Potato Flume Water 1

    Potato Flume Water 1

    This client transports potatoes from their receiving dock to the processing area of the plant in a water flume. This process removes the dirt from the fields. The pH was 6.3 and did not require pH adjustment. The sample was tested with I, H, and K ...

  • Potato Salad Manufacturer

    Potato Salad Manufacturer

    The manufacturing of potato salad creates a high BOD and Fats, Oil & Grease wastewater that was costing over $6,000/month in surcharges to treat by the local POTW. The facility investigated the use of the Floccin product and found that Floccin-H ...

  • Potato Cooked

    Potato Cooked

    A large producer of pre-cooked potatoes was having a problem disposing of the wastewater from the washing and cooking process. The water was to be used on the growing field, but had a COD, TSS and nitrogen content in excess of allowable limits, see ...

  • Poultry Food Case Study

    Poultry Food Case Study

    This facility processes, seasons, cooks, and flash-freezes poultry for the food industry. They process about 500,000 lbs. of chicken per day and are trying to increase their production. Their existing wastewater system was limited in its ability to ...

  • Poultry Food Short

    Poultry Food Short

    This facility processes, seasons, cooks, and flash-freezes poultry products and wanted to increase their production. The existing wastewater system could not meet the discharge requirements to the local POTW (city) and more stringent limits were ...

  • Rendering Plant

    Rendering Plant

    Animal Rendering Plant Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Recycling This facility renders animals as a means to recover protein. The facility generates wastewater flow of 75,000 gal/day with high levels of BOD ...

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  • Rice Milk

    Rice Milk

    A container of commercially available rice milk was obtained and diluted with water to make a 10% v/v solution. A series of jar tests were run to determine the most appropriate FloccinAgentTM to utilize in the removal of the Suspended Solids and ...

  • Soy Milk Manufacturing

    Soy Milk Manufacturing

    This facility manufacturer Soy based products to include Soy milk and other dairy substitute products. The facility generates wastewater from their manufacturing operations as well as sanitization. The treatment system includes flow equalization for ...

  • Tractor Manufacturer

    Tractor Manufacturer

    The wastewater from the tractor manufacturing facility was being trucked to a wastewater treatment facility 120 miles away for treatment and disposal of the wastewater. The wastewater consists of heavy cutting oils/lubricants that could not be ...

  • Beef Processing Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment

    Beef Processing Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment

    A slaughterhouse had expanded its production and could no longer meet its discharge permit for land application. Integrated Engineers was retained to retrofit their pretreatment system to reduce the BOD and overall nitrogen loading to the existing ...

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  • Chicken Skin Wastewater

    Chicken Skin Wastewater

    The wastewater from a poultry processing plant contained almost exclusively skins, and high concentrations of fat for approximately 8 hours of the production day. This wastewater created heavy blinding problems on their dewatering system. In lab ...

  • Citrus Juice Processor

    Citrus Juice Processor

    A large citrus juice processor was using conventional chemistry (alum as the coagulant and a cationic flocculant) to treat their wastewater. The pH has wide swings from a low of 3.0 during processing to a high of 11.5 from their sanitizing steps. ...

  • Improving Dairy Wastewater

    Improving Dairy Wastewater

    Dairy Wastewater Treatment The typical dairy wastewater treatment system has a “separator” screen that removes about 10-15% of the larger solids from the flush water. The solids are returned as bedding for the cows, and the dairy ...

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  • Treating Winery Wastewater Without Ponds

    Treating Winery Wastewater Without Ponds

    Wineries traditionally treat their wine process wastewater with aerobic (aerated) ponds to biologically degrade the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). The treated wastewater from these ponds needs to have a BOD of 40 ppm or less (depending on the ...

  • Case Study: French Fry Manufacturer

    Case Study: French Fry Manufacturer

    Fry manufacturer Pilot Study. Laboratory tests conducted: COD, TSS, TDS, FOG, Total P, TKN, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH. Where possible, these values are compared to the discharge water from the clarifier.

  • Case Study: Garlic Processor

    Case Study: Garlic Processor

    Utilizing Bio System’s Microbes and Aeromix Systems to develop a stable biomass and eliminate odors from a food processing pond.A California garlic processor had a persistent odor problem with their wastewater pond and had been under increased ...

  • Integrated Engineers Case Study Beef Processing Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment $80k Per Month Saved

    Integrated Engineers Case Study Beef Processing Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment $80k Per Month Saved

    Industrial Wastewater Treatment Beef Industry Case Studies Beef Processing Wastewater Treatment - $80k Saved a Month! First Beef Processing Facility This facility slaughters 1,200 head of cattle/day and generates a wastewater flow of 80,000 ...

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  • Winery Wastewater Treatment Summaries

    Winery Wastewater Treatment Summaries

    Successfully Treating Winery Wastewater Save $135k Treating Winery Wastewater Many smaller wineries have outgrown their septic tanks, and larger wineries have outgrown their treatment ponds, a BioReactor gives increased capacity at a fraction ...

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