Interlink was formed in 1990 to service the sprayer market in Eastern Australia, however the principal, Peter McWilliams, made his first sprayer in 1958 and these 50 years of experience shows in the cutting edge range of sprayers built by Interlink. The many improvements and additions to our range have resulted in Interlink offering a world class selection of Sprayers and Sprayer Equipment direct to the customer at a wholesale price. Choose from Spot Sprayers, Weed Sprayers, Vine Sprayers, Tree Sprayers and Row Crop Sprayers.

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681 Fifteenth Street , Mildura , Australia

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)


Since 1998 and the introduction of the Nebulizer range, Interlinks clever designs and high quality end product has helped them hold onto a very large percentage of the vine spraying market in Victoria and N.S.W.

Nebulizer is by far the preferred sprayer for dense canopy foliage in both fresh grape and wine grape vineyards.

The recent introduction of the Power Prop range of hydraulically driven fan sprayers has seen us leap-frog ahead of the opposition in the area of Soft Air Multi Fan sprayers.

All Components and accessories in the Interlink range are drawn from premier agricultural suppliers in Italy, Spain, Israel and the USA, guaranteeing superb quality equipment.

Interlink also stock a wide range of hand tools, power tools, gear boxes, PTO shafts, castors, wheels, hydraulic pumps and components, jacks, bench drills, pedestal drills, truck cranes, high pressure washers, vine planters, air compressors, air tools, seeders, electric motors, lathe tools, cut off saws, benders and cutting tools.