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  • Pulsation

  • Model L02Air - Vacuum Pulsators

    Model L02Air - Vacuum Pulsators

    L02 has been supercharged! The well-known milking performances have been improved, thanks to the 50% more AirBoost!    L02Air grants a uniform, gentle milking in every operating conditions; thanks to the oversized filtering surface. The new design permits to clean the air filter with just one finger, without removing the cover. This makes L02Air a really 'service free' vacuum Pulsator!

  • Pipeline & Portable Machines

  • Combifast


    CombiFast, is a patented connecting system for milk, vacuum, electric power and data transfer lines, suitable for any round-the-shed milking system.

  • Portable iMilk401

    Portable iMilk401

    iMilk401 is the answer to the growing demand of milk yield indicator for tie-stall barn. The panel permits to choose among 5 milking program, ensuring a tailor made setting depending of the need.