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  • Access Platform

  • High Lift Access Platform Forklift Attachment

    High Lift Access Platform Forklift Attachment

    When additional lift height is required the Highlift Platform is the perfect solution. Fork pockets are positioned at floor level with the platform height been a further 1000 mm higher. Access is made via a fixed ladder and automatic gate assembly.

  • Crane Or Fork Mounted Access Platform

    Crane Or Fork Mounted Access Platform

    With the option of both crane slung or fork mounting as standard, this Access Platform delivers multiple usage from a single attachment, which encompasses many characteristics of the IAP range.

  • Bespoke

  • LoadLifter


    Specifically designed for the safe loading and unloading of roll cages onto and from articulated vehicles.

  • Roll Cage Lifters Keep On Rolling

    Roll Cage Lifters Keep On Rolling

    Since first developing the Roll Cage Lifter for a major logistics business, it’s become very popular, particularly amongst hauliers and big users of roll cages, such as supermarket chains. Around a decade ago, we developed the LoadLifter for one of the UK’s main supermarket chains. Hundreds have since been produced, allowing roll cages to be safely loaded and unloaded onto articulated vehicles.

  • RDT Holder

    RDT Holder

    A cabin-mounted bracket for the secure retention of Radio Data Terminal guns. Protects gun from accidental damage; designed to keep the terminal firmly in place (ideal for applications with uneven floors), and within easy reach of operators; full access to keyboard functions without the need to remove from the holder; securely fixes to right front OHG strut; holders also manufactured for accompanying on-board printer.

  • Toilet Lifter

    Toilet Lifter

    With both fork and crane operation, the Portable Toilet Lifter is a necessity for those moving portable toilets around building sites or transporting to various levels on a high rise developments. The lifter arrives complete with a built in sump and drain tap to catch any spills.

  • Roller Pole

    Roller Pole

    Invicta was approached by a major OEM to provide a solution in handling a polythene printing reel and placing on a central mandrel. The challenge was to do so without picking on the external faces, as this would damage the product. This Invicta designed, manufactured and delivered solution, the Roller Pole, has nylon roller bearings inserted into the extended pole, which lifts the reel on to the inner core, presented inline to the...

  • Heavy Duty Bucket

    Heavy Duty Bucket

    Specifically built as a Non-Tipping Scoop with integral fork pockets and Bolt on Hardox Wear strip. Double plated Scoop Body Side Walls. Used in a Foundry for picking up waste via a Telehandler. The original customer had used an “Off the Shelf” product in the past, but these failed after short periods to a point that they became a consumable. Having approached Invicta, we provided this longer-term solution, a bespoke...

  • Fork Mounted Jib 8000kg

    Fork Mounted Jib 8000kg

    The Fork Mounted Jib allows the movement of long and awkward loads from inaccessible locations, in this case with the potential of 6 different lifting centres.

  • Fork Mounted Paint Lifter

    Fork Mounted Paint Lifter

    An unusual request, but yes a customer wanted an attachment to enable him to lift a tin of paint off a shelf! The process sees the tin ‘slide’ off the shelf, and on to this attachment before being filled with paint, lidded and then slide off the attachment onto a customer’s vehicle or back into storage. The process completely eliminated manual handling.

  • Lifting Beams & Carriers

  • Bulk Sand Bag Carrier

    Bulk Sand Bag Carrier

    The fork mounted sand bag carrier provides a simple and effective method of moving full or partially full sand bags, bulk bags, tonne bags around your site. Due to its extended load centre, the potential ripping of the bags on the foot of the mast is eliminated and the built-in fork pockets also provide convenience and efficiency.