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  • Slat Mats Green Floor System

    Slat Mats Green Floor System

    Comfort Slat Mats Green Floor System is the only tested and approved patented mat in the world that addresses both animal welfare and the environment. It is the only mat that has a smooth curve on the top that promotes the animal waste to the slots resulting in a cleaner, dryer and healthier animal. It is also the only mat in the world that sits into the slots/gaps and is held down by a spring loaded system which ensures that the mat...

  • Slat Mat

    Slat Mat

    Comfort Slat Mat is the only mat that is curved which allows the animal waste to be despatched quickly to the slurry tank, thereby keeping the animals dryer and cleaner. The Comfort Slat Mat is unique in that it is ‘cored’ in the centre which gives a softer feel under-foot and allows the animal to improve its grip when walking on it.

  • Green Floor System

    Green Floor System

    Comfort Green Floor introduces into the market the only Super Soft & Eco-Friendly Slat Mat that addresses both calf welfare and protects the environment. The Calf Green Floor System is the result of extensive R&D to meet the ever increasing demands by both Farmers & the animal welfare lobby to improve the welfare of calves housed on slats. It also addresses, for the first time by any rubber mat, the major...