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  • KISSS  - Ebb&Flow System

    KISSS - Ebb&Flow System

    Designed to meet the needs of the water hungry nursery industry, Ebb&Flow is surprisingly simple to install and to operate. Based on the KISSS technology the system eliminates the need for wasetful overhead watering. When compared to overhead watering systems Ebb&Flow can save as much as 60% water usage. KISSS Ebb&Flow is suitable for pots in plug trays or pots up to 20litres (16' pots) capacity. The system is available in 11 convenient sizes: 0.30m,...

  • How Does it Work

    How Does it Work

    The ebb and flow mat is a bottom watering system which means that water is supplied to the base of the pot and moves up into the media. Sprinklers are top watering systems and so irrigation water moves down through the media and drains from the base of the pot. Top watering systems leach fertilizers from the media increasing costs and causing environmental problems.  With bottom watering, leaching only occurs when it...