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  • Insecticides  - Agrochemicals

    Insecticides - Agrochemicals

    Insecticides are agrochemicals used to control insects. They include ovicides and larvicides used against eggs and larvae of insects respectively. The class of insecticides called insect growth regulators slowly act against the insects over a period of few days by disrupting the normal growth and development of immature adults. EQUO (Novaluron ) is an insecticide of the class diflubenzoylureas acting on the larvae of various insects, including members...

  • Pheromones  - Chemical Agents

    Pheromones - Chemical Agents

    Pheromones are chemical agents that faithfully reproduce the substances emitted by female insects during the mating season. The innovative pheromone dispensers, completely biodegradable, are also easier to apply in conditions of practical usage, even in the case of non-arboreous crops. The field tests carried out have widely confirmed the potential of the product, as it does not leave residues in food commodities. 

  • Biostimulants


    Biostimulants re-balance and stimulate the metabolic and enzymatic processes of plants. ISAGRO commercialize globally two main biostimulants under the trademarks SIAPTON and ERGOSTIM.

  • Biological Fungicides

    Biological Fungicides

    Products based on micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) that are used to control fungal diseases, bacteria and nematodes. ISAGRO developed an organic fungicide (REMEDIER) based on antagonist fungi (Trichoderma asperellumandTrichoderma gamsii). Already registered in Italy and the US, new applications are being studied, particularly for the defense of fertile land from diseases not properly controlled by conventional chemical products.

  • Bordeaux Mixture Copper Formulations

    Bordeaux Mixture Copper Formulations

    Bordeaux mixture is the first copper form used in modern agriculture. Invented by Millardet in 1887 represented the first mean of grape downy mildew management in Europe. Although being the first to introduce Copper oxychloride in agriculture, Isagro is an high quality  manufacturer of Bordeaux Mixture. The innovation capability on copper brought the implementation of the fluid bed technology also for this product.

  • Bordeaux Oxychloride Copper Formulations

    Bordeaux Oxychloride Copper Formulations

    Isagro’s Copper oxychloride is recognized in the world by strong brands. The brand awareness built in the years is part of the success. Copper oxychloride 37,5% WG

  • Copper Hydroxide

    Copper Hydroxide

    Copper hydroxide is the new comer of the copper products market. Its simple chemical structure allows a faster release of copper ions giving the product the characteristic of fast action