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  • Greenhouse Plastic Film

    Greenhouse Plastic Film

    Greenhouses provide ideal environment for the growth of plants (vegetables, fruits and flowers), protect plants against external effects such as rain, wind and cold weather and accelerate the growth of the plant with the balanced environment inside them. This allows harvesting more than once in a year. With the new generation production technology and proper formulas used therein, greenhouse covers may have optional features of solar resistance...

  • Sera Plastik - Hydroponic Agricultural Bag

    Sera Plastik - Hydroponic Agricultural Bag

    These are the grow bags used in soilless agricultural bags. It contains UV stabilizer and has a long life span. It internal side is black and external side white, having a 0% penetration of light. Its thickness is 100 microns. It is produced according to the width, length, thickness and volume demanded by the costumer.

  • Irrigation and Air Hoses

    Irrigation and Air Hoses

    Easy-to-use irrigation hoses are used especially for the irrigation of outdoor areas. They contain UV stabilizer and have a long life span.They varieties range from 8 cm to 30 cm. Air hoses are used to carry the warm air produced in the heating systems to other locations in the greenhouse. They are easy to install, contain UV stabilizer with a long life span.

  • Sera Plastik - Mulch Film

    Sera Plastik - Mulch Film

    Please find below the advantages of mulch films that may be used for production of any vegetable and fruit, being covered on the soil to prevent the contact between the crop and soil: Higher quality crops. Saving on water. Minimisation of weeds. Control of soil temperature. Disinfection of soil before planting.

  • Silage Covers

    Silage Covers

    Advantages of the silage covers produced to protect the silages installed to supply fresh forage for livestock in fatling and dairy farming against external effects are listed below: High mechanical resistance values. Light permeability is 0%. It is opaque. Tightness. Keeping its features as long as the life of silage. UV Stabilizer added. Long life span.

  • Thermal Screen

    Thermal Screen

    Preservation of the internal temperature of the greenhouses in cold weathers is very important, though costly, for the development of the crops. Thermal screen is used for preservation of the internal temperature of the greenhouse. It is the most economic solution for this purpose. Upon request, it can be produced to have thermal and antidrip features. Its penetration of light is 95%. It does not therefore affect the development of the plant...