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  • Serena - Electric Sprayer

    Serena - Electric Sprayer

    Electric knapsack sprayer with 16 /20 litre tank, rechargeable battery and charger. SERENA is the electric knapsack sprayer engineered for a targeted product distribution; its precision allows crop-spraying which are peculiar to the specific needs of the treated area. It’s the ideal tool for agriculture, gardening and disinfestations. Besides this, thanks to its low volume technology, it allows a product optimal spray, with following advantages:...

  • Attila  - Model CDA - Ultra-Low Volume Controlled Dropled Knapsack Sprayer

    Attila - Model CDA - Ultra-Low Volume Controlled Dropled Knapsack Sprayer

    With Attila you will treat 1 ha of surface, with a forward movement of 3 km/h (one step per second) using from 12 up to 60 lt of mixture, according to the used nozzle. This specifications make Attila an optimal sprayer for a large range of uses, even in building and street disinfestation.It works with four AA (LR6) batteries 1,5 V.

  • Attila - Model Ergo - Knapsack Sprayer

    Attila - Model Ergo - Knapsack Sprayer

    The sprayer’s working is based on the principle of the ultra-low volume with controlled droplet. Attila Ergo add to safety and precision an innovative design for a better hold grip, a better weight balance and a perfect grasp. By pushing the button you will control ignition or turn-off and the product flow. It sprays the product over 360° with a covered area of around 160 cm of diameter. The double atomizer disk and the float allow a...

  • Cobra - Model Plunger-Type - Knapsack Sprayer

    Cobra - Model Plunger-Type - Knapsack Sprayer

    The Cobra knapsack sprayer is available in two models: 15 lt. and 20 lt. Maximum pressure is 5 atm. Pumping unit and tank are manufactured with very advanced materials, resistant to the corrosion of the chemicals used in agriculture and to uv rays. This also improve their durability. The anatomical shape of the tank allows to the operator a prolonged and comfortable use. Sprayer may be supplied with different types of spray wand, according to the...

  • Siria - Professional Pressure Sprayer

    Siria - Professional Pressure Sprayer

    Siria is a professional pressure sprayer, with 5 lt. tank, suitable for greenhouses and nursery treatments, in gardening, disinfestations on buildings, etc. It is manufactured with high reliability materials and it is resistant to the chemicals and uv rays corrosion. Siria pressure sprayer is equipped with padded strap, large funnel for an easy liquid filling, safety valve pre-adjusted for the automatic escape of over-pressure (3 Bar), pressure gauge...