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  • Airinlet Systems

  • Drive Systems

    Drive Systems

    For all our intake systems, we can deliver a complete drive system which fully fulfils your requirements. The drive system can be supplied as a complete set, or can be built up from separate components according to customers requirements.

  • Air Handling Units

  • Air Handling Units

    Air Handling Units

    ITB Companies is specialized in designing, producing and building air-handling systems. ITB has proven for many years to produce reliable systems with a high quality. All systems are manufactured on customer specifications, ranging in dimensions and ventilation capacity. Mostly the air handling units are used as manure drying systems. The manure-drying unit of ITB can be placed on (almost)every poultry system. With this system, depending on capacity...

  • Ventilation Chimneys

  • Manure Drying Chimney

    Manure Drying Chimney

    The ITB Manure Drying Chimney is an air distributor chimney which provides an optimal drying result of the manure. The system works on the following way: Warm stable air is sucked under the roof by the fan and then blown out horizontally under the slat floor. ITB has developed a special air distributor unit which blows out the air uniform and over 360° over the manure. The air resistance of this distributor unit is low, because of the air...

  • Air Heat Exchangers

  • Model AIR2-DS - Plate Heat Exchanger

    Model AIR2-DS - Plate Heat Exchanger

    The AIR2-DS is the plate heat exchanger of the AIR2-series of ITB. The air/air exchanger can be applied in stables with several animals. Cold air flowing in is heated by the warm air flowing out, without the air being mixed.