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  • Greenhouses

  • Spanish - Greenhouses Tunnel

    Spanish - Greenhouses Tunnel

    Width of Bay:   9,10 m ; 9,60 m. Side Height: 2 m. Height at Ridge: from 4 m up to 6 m. Ridge Ventilation type: Stationary Vent, Simple Mobile Vent, Butterfly (double) Vent. Perimeter Ventilation type:Rolling Vent. Cover: Plastic film and semi-rigid materials. This kind of Greenhouse Construction is...

  • Spanish - Shading Greenhouses Structure

    Spanish - Shading Greenhouses Structure

    Heigth:  2,5 m a 4 m. Cover system: Stationary or Mobile. Types of mesh:Shading y Aluminum. These are galvanized Steel structures with flat roofs, for creating a microclimate (shading, temperature, disease control) for crops in soft climate zones, where it is possible to have crops without a more complex Greenhouse Construction...

  • Spanish - Glass Greenhouses

    Spanish - Glass Greenhouses

    Metallic structure Greenhouse Construction, Steel-aluminum. Its main characteristic is its Glass cover. The roof of this Greenhouse Construction is formed by glass panels resting on the aluminum gutters and on a set of transversal aluminum bars.

  • Production Systems

  • Lifting Systems

    Lifting Systems

    At J.Huete, we are in continuous research for the improvement and development of different production systems that help to increase and improve the production in greenhouses, for that reason we have developed a strawberries production systems that increases the density and profitability of the production.

  • Hydroponic Growing Systems

    Hydroponic Growing Systems

    Hydroponic growing systems that allow the control and recirculation of drainage and irrigation. They help to prevent diseases, eliminate leachates and improve the quality and quantity of production. Perfect production system for all types of horticultural crops and fruit crops.