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  • Garlic Crop Machinery

  • LIDE - Garlic Splitter

    LIDE - Garlic Splitter

    The separation and classification of the cloves is the first step for a uniform, regular plantation. High work output allows for theamount shelled to be adapted to the rhythm of the plantation.

  • PLMA - Garlic Planters

    PLMA - Garlic Planters

    The garlic planters collect and position the garlic bulblets without damaging at the depth and dosage required. Their great  efficiency, low maintenance and easy of use makes them a vital tool for any garlic producer.

  • ARAT - Model 1 & 2 - Garlic Harvesters Binder

    ARAT - Model 1 & 2 - Garlic Harvesters Binder

    The garlic harvester-binder removes the bulbs of garlic from the soil, eliminating part of the soil, maintaining the leaves for greaterpreservation and grouping the harvest together to make collection easier.

  • Post Harvest Garlic Crop Equipment

  • Model CEPI-B - Garlic Brusher

    Model CEPI-B - Garlic Brusher

    Intensive cleaning of garlic bulbs before grading and storing. Remove the soil, external dry peals and any other parts using rotative brushers without damage the garlic bulbs.

  • CLASIF - Garlic Grader

    CLASIF - Garlic Grader

    Gentle and precise grading at high performance. A consistent size improve the crop profit. The modular grader JJ Broch can be adapted as number of sizes as needed to optimize the crop marketing.

  • Model PL - Garlic Peeler

    Model PL - Garlic Peeler

    Greater benefits from production. Splitt and peel garlic allow you to makemore profit of your production.

  • Potato Machines

  • JJ Broch - Cup Feed Potato Planters

    JJ Broch - Cup Feed Potato Planters

    Accurate and homogeneous plantation for high productivity. The JJ Broch cup feed potato planters guarantee precision in the dispensing andositioning of the seeding potato thanks to its design and perfect performance in the field.

  • Potato Diggers

    Potato Diggers

    Precision, easy to use and hight output. Potatoes digger JJ Broch are ideal for harvesting small and large areas due to their reliability, high performance and low maintenance costs.

  • Other Products

  • PARIS - Single Grain Seed Drills

    PARIS - Single Grain Seed Drills

    The single grain seed drills are designed for sewing sunflower, sugar beet, corn, bean, garbanzo, soy, etc. Their modular design and strength alow them to adapt to various crops in different terrain. Great ease of use an minimun maintenance are the ideal solutions for precision, hight-performance seeding.