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  • Splitter Bars

    Splitter Bars

    Swiveling Lift Wheels Each has two swiveling lift wheels that raise and lower the planter. Front Planter Attachment Splitter bars attach to your existing 30, 36, 38, or 40 inch row width planter. Pull Arms Arms mount to the splitter bar and come forward to rest on a 2 and 5/16 inch ball, secured by a lynch pin. Self-Contained Drive Each has its own self-contained drive system consisting of: A Separate Transmission, Two Adjustable Drive Wheels.

  • Demco - Model 300 gallon - Trailer Sprayer

    Demco - Model 300 gallon - Trailer Sprayer

    Demco’s 300 gallon trailer sprayers have a proven, time-tested design. Available with many different boom and pump options, as well as many accessories, Demco 300 gallon trailer sprayers can be configured to meet your needs.