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  • JMF - Model 18 - Stations Bunching Machine

    JMF - Model 18 - Stations Bunching Machine

    This machine can sort fully automatically by growth stage, which is unique in the market. On this machine is much more configurable. There can be sorted by length, stem thickness, maturity, button size, button width, curvature and color. The machine is available with 6-18 stations. In March 2011, Jamafa Machinery BV delivered her first new 18 stations bunching machine to Flevoland Flowers. The owner is very satisfied. He...

  • JMF Flowline - Closed Transport System

    JMF Flowline - Closed Transport System

    This is a closed transportsystem that can transport up to 10.000 flowers per hour. Immediately after cutting the flowers will be hang up per piece in the transport hooks of the transsportline, by running the...

  • JMF - Length Sorting Machine

    JMF - Length Sorting Machine

    Jamafa new length sorting machine with 7 compartments and 2 support tables. For sale: Jamafa new length sorting machine with 7compartments and two support tables. The machine is fitted with new trays in our workshop. These new trays are much stronger...

  • JMF - Bunching Machines

    JMF - Bunching Machines

    Jamafa provides various used bunchingmachines. All machines are completely checked in our workshop, where all wear parts are replaced. The machine is ready again to sort your roses for the next years. On demand one or more stations of these machines are equipped with our new bindfunction which greatly improved the quality of the bunches.

  • JMF - Sorting Machines

    JMF - Sorting Machines

    Jamafa offers various used sortingmachines. All machines are completely checked in our workshop. The machine is ready to sort your roses for the next years again.

  • JMF - Mobile Cultivation Sqystem

    JMF - Mobile Cultivation Sqystem

    Jamafa has a reliable and durable solution for mobile rose cultivation. In combination with our transport line the roses will come fully automatically into the Jamafa bunchingmachine which discharges intelligently the...

  • Flower Showcase

    Flower Showcase

    The Jamafa flower showcase not only ensures optimum presentation of your product in the store and makes auction buckets in the store redundant. If desired, the flower showcase can split the shop in two...

  • Universal Sorter Machine

    Universal Sorter Machine

    The base of the universal sorting machine is derived from the concept of the solid Jamafa length sorter. In practice it has been found that these machines can run smoothly for 30 years. We continued this concept. The universal Sorter is bigger and faster than its predecessor. The sorting bins are larger and higher. The compartments were 400 mm wide and now they are 500 mm...