JAN SPEK ROZEN is one of the oldest rose companies in the world. A family business with a great and reliable name in the National and International rose world since it was founded (in 1890). (Look at our history under Company.) Garden roses as well as many cut rose varieties have found their way on the international rose markets. New developments in both groups, garden roses as well as in breeding and growing cut roses has always been important to the Company.

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Zijde 155 , Boskoop , South Holland 2771 EV Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

The company was founded in 1890 by great-grand-father Jan Spek. A typical Boskoop Nursery with the rose that runs through the firm like a continuous thread. On the first document buying the land, 1000 rose bushes were already mentioned! Except growing an excellent assortment of conifers, rhododendron, azalea and many ornamental shrubs a lot of attention was always put in selecting and testing from new varieties, and if approved, propagated and introduced. The slogan of nowadays companies 'innovation' has always been put into practice by Jan Spek. Newly discovered rose understock varieties like Spek's Improved and Spek's Supreme has been used for a long time, but it was the understock Rosa Rugosa which was a real 'break-through'. Now, in 2007, this understock is still used for certain varieties garden roses!

Also in Nursery stock Spek was always searching for new varieties. This resulted, amongst others, in three excellent new conifers: Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Glauca Spek', Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Columnaris Glauca'. Of the latter, 'Columnaris Glauca', still millions are being grown throughout the world.  Also a new dwarf conifer Chamaecyparis obtuse nana Lutea was a Jan Spek introduction. Many Azalea Mollis types were found and introduced. Names like Azalea mollis 'Spek's Brilliant' and 'Spek's orange' were highly popular. And what to think of the (garden) rose variety 'Spek's Yellow', know and introduced in the U.S.A.under the name 'Golden Scepter' being the most popular yellow in the U.S.A for a very long time. Talking about innovation..........

That the rose has always been important tot the company proves the many exhibitions where Jan Spek received the highest rewards like, already in 1913 (!) where the gold medal would was won for 'a group of new rose varieties introduced between the years 1909-1912'. In 1948 the Plant Breeders Rights law came into force in the Netherlands which influenced the business of Jan Spek radically. 

Many professional rose breeders had noticed for a long time that Jan Spek was the authority in the rose business in Holland. With this new law into force Holland became highly interesting for new bred rose varieties. So it happened that Jan Spek became the exclusive agent for world famous (garden) rose breeders such as Sam McGredy, Dickson, Poulsen, Lens, some British breeders and last but not least, for the largest rose growers in the world Jackson & Perkins from the U.S.A. Nowadays Spek represents more then 15 professional (garden) rose breeders from all over the world. No wonder that practically all of the varieties under the Spelarosa quality label are raised by these breeders. Seehttp://www.spelarosa.nl/

In the (19) sixties a new phenomenon arises: Roses for the cut flower market grown in greenhouses. Of course these types of roses had been grown a long time but always the same varieties and very little innovation. And again it was Jan Spek who filled the gap. A greenhouse was quickly built in order to test the roses and it appeared that the new roses of Jackson & Perkins reacted positively as a 'cut rose'. Better colours, better flower production and a better vase life were the criteria. Varieties with pretty and romantic names conquered the market like Zorina, Junior Miss, Golden Garnet, Sonora, Coral Princess, Bridal Pink, White Masterpiece en Spanish Sun. This success draws the attention of other rose breeders. Also Kordes, the famous garden rose breeder from Germany approached Jan Spek Rozen and in 1968 this cooperation between the two companies started.  The aim was to test, select and market Kordes cut flower varieties. The rose world knows the results. Many, many rose varieties from Kordes were tested and introduced by Jan Spek between 1967 and 2000, many of them still being grown. 2000 was the year that this marriage finished. With the big chances in the International Rose industry it was decided that both firms moved on with their own breeding program.

This resulted soon in some great successes for Jan Spek Roses. Sales of the red rose 'Happy Hour'(SPEdappy)  appeared quickly in the top 10 on the Dutch auctions the, red and white  N-Joy(SPEclown) is the most sold double coloured variety.N-Joy is especially suitable to be grown in the African countries. For all our rose varieties please look under 'products'. For promising new varieties see 'coming up soon', a real interesting page regarding our novelties and an invitation to visit our greenhouses at all times. This history tells you whatwe understand with innovation. Not only the wordbut also the action, already since 1890...........