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  • Mini Mixers

  • Jaylor - Model A50 - Self-Propelled Mini Mixers

    Jaylor - Model A50 - Self-Propelled Mini Mixers

    These A50 Mini Mixers mixers allow small herd operators to feed TMR rations. They also enable large herd operators to create special rations for dry and other special needs groups. The mini series is designed to be able to process small hay bales, forages and other ingredients, then cut and mix a consistent, nutritious TMR. We’ve used our decades of experience building larger TMR mixers to engineer the same capabilities and durability into these...

  • Jaylor - Model 5275 TMR - Mini Mixers

    Jaylor - Model 5275 TMR - Mini Mixers

    Capacity no extension 275ft3, 7.8m3. Capacity 6'.  Extension 300ft3, 8.5m3. Weight 6800lbs, 3100kg. Height 79in, 2m. Length 205in, 5.2m. Drum width 73in, 1.9m. PTO SPEED 540 RPM. MINIMUM HP  45 HP. AUGER SPEED 41 RPM. NUMBER OF KNIVES 14. AUGER FLIGHTING . THICKNESS 1/2in, 13mm . MAX DISCHARGE HEIGHT* 33in, 84cm. DOOR OPENING WIDTH 25in, 64cm. FLOOR THICKNESS 1/2in, 13mm. DRUM WALL THICKNESS 1/4in, 6mm. STANDARD TIRES 10.0/75 – 15.3 18...

  • Single Augers

  • Jaylor - Model 5350 - Single Auger

    Jaylor - Model 5350 - Single Auger

    Apacity no extension 350ft3, 9.9m3. Capacity 8' extension 380ft3, 10.8m3. Capacity 12' extension 405ft3, 11.5m3. Capacity 16' extension 425ft3, 12.0m3. Weight 7300lbs, 3300kg. Height 103in, 262cm. Length 201in, 511cm. Drum width 91in, 231cm. Pto speed 540 RPM. Minimum HP   60 HP. Auger speed 41 RPM. Number of knives 9. Auger flighting. Thickness 5/8in, 16mm. Max discharge height* 60in, 152cm. Conveyor width 36in, 91cm. Door opening width...

  • Twin Augers

  • Jaylor - Model 5600 - Twin Auger

    Jaylor - Model 5600 - Twin Auger

    Capacity no extension 615ft3, 17.4m3. Capacity 8” extension 675ft3, 19.1m3. Capacity 12” extension 720ft3, 20.4m3. Capacity 16” extension 765ft3, 21.7m3. Weight 12900lbs, 5900kg. Height 93in, 236cm**. Length 303in, 770cm. Drum width 97in, 246cm. Pto speed 540 RPM. Minimum hp  105 HP. Auger speed 41 RPM. Number of knives 18. Auger flighting . thickness 5/8in, 16mm. Max discharge height* 60in, 152cm. Conveyor width 36in, 91cm....

  • Attachments

  • Model B125 - Bale Shear

    Model B125 - Bale Shear

    Working width 56in, 142cm. Working height 70in, 178cm. Working depth 38in, 97cm. Capacity 5' x 6' Bale. Weight 840lbs, 381kg. Tine diameter 2in, 5cm

  • Model S125  - Silage Shear

    Model S125 - Silage Shear

    Working width 35in, 90cm. Working height 27in, 68cm. Working depth 30in, 76cm. Capacity 17ft3, 0.5m3. Weight 575lbs, 260kg. Tine diameter 1.5in, 4cm

  • Model S175  - Silage Shear

    Model S175 - Silage Shear

    Working width 59in, 150cm. Working height 27in, 68cm. Working depth 30in, 76cm. Capacity 32ft3, 0.9m3. Weight 795lbs, 360kg. Tine diameter 1.5in, 4cm

  • Model S250  - Silage Shear

    Model S250 - Silage Shear

    Working width 77in, 195cm. Working height 31in, 80cm. Working depth 30in, 76cm. Capacity 43ft3, 1.2m3. Weight 1190lbs, 540kg. Tine diameter 1.5in, 4cm

Products by MAMMUT Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H.

  • Silo Fox - Drum Silage Distributor

    Silo Fox - Drum Silage Distributor

    The Mammut Silo Fox is a silage distributor that gives you the greatest possible set-up scope for precisely your requirements. Whether weight adjustment to the tractor, front or rear operation, the appropriate rotation speed relative to the desired peripheral speed, you select your customised device from all options. With the top models Titan and Gigant even the spreading width is adjustable. All of these factors impinge on feed quality and thus on...

  • Hurricane - Rotary Silage Distributor

    Hurricane - Rotary Silage Distributor

    Silage distributed optimally in the shortest time. Composition  of the silage heap with perfect shape and stability. Easy operation thanks to superior technology. Healthy basic feed without mould patches keeps the animals healthy. The good distribution performance can be improved further with the hydraulic pivoting arrangement. This optional device can be retrofitted at any time. The solidly mounted pivot point is already present in all versions....

  • Silo Cut - Silage Shear

    Silo Cut - Silage Shear

    A sharp cut in the silage stock prevents the formation of mould and impurities on the cut surface. The power of the large dimensioned hydraulic cylinder is distributed completely evenly. Thus both absolute freedom from distortion on the device and a uniform and clean quality of cut is guaranteed.

  • Silo Bucket

    Silo Bucket

    Ideal for maize silage and fine silage material. Perfect cut and completely closed bottom. Combines the advantages of silage grab and a shovel. Attachment possible to farmyard loaders, front loaders, wheel loaders or telescopic loaders. Sizes from 0.60 m³ to 1.85 m³.

  • Profi - Silage Extraction Device

    Profi - Silage Extraction Device

    The Silage Comb Professional is the perfect silage extraction device for farm sizes from 25 animals to 120 animals and more. A hydraulically driven ‘comb’ loosens and removes the silage and fills the container with up to 4.6 m³ of load volume. The fundamental benefit over other systems is that removal, transportation, intermixture of additives and feeding all take place with a single device.

  • Fortuna - Feed Refresher

    Fortuna - Feed Refresher

    Speedy after-pushing without effort. Good airing increases the feed intake. Control of the livestock through your presence. Clean feed alley. Drive with oil motor. Various mounting options. Two-sided clearing available as additional equipment. Also available as self-propelled unit. Productive dimensioning of the drum size also for large quantities

  • Profi Mix - Model TMR - Mixer

    Profi Mix - Model TMR - Mixer

    Dr. Peter Höller, a veterinarian from Upper Austria, explains the importance of the connection between feeding an danimal health: 'Due to ever-increasing competitiveness in the market, farmers are investing in barns, growing the size of their herds and striving for greater efficiency. This is not only important with milk production but also with daily weight gain in bull fattening. Performance improvements and accurate feeding are basic...