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  • Fibredusts  - Model 5kg - Coir Block

    Fibredusts - Model 5kg - Coir Block

    FibreDust’s 5KG 100% Coir Peat Block is a staple in the coco peat industry and  a primary growing media for agriculture and horticulture. Coco peat made by FibreDust is also found in many popular potting mixes sold in retail garden and big box stores everywhere.  Worms love coir and coir is often used for vermicomposting.

  • FibreDust  - Crushed Coconut Husk Mulch Block

    FibreDust - Crushed Coconut Husk Mulch Block

    FibreDust Crushed Coco Husk Chips provide a natural mulch for both indoor and outdoor use. The crushed husk is packaged in compressed blocks for convenience and shipping.Each block weighs about 11 pounds and measures 6 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches. Each block will expand to about 4 times its original volume or approximately 2 cubic feet. This is sufficient to cover an area of 24 square feet offlower or vegetable bed to a depth of one...

  • Coir Bricks

    Coir Bricks

    Introducing Fibredust’s new “Spongease” product packaged for retail sale with point of purchase displays.FibreDust’s 650g “SpongEase Coir bricks are a perfect size for retail resale.There is a powerful potting soil in each brick and they rehydrate to 2+ gallons of potting soil!  Easy to grab from the counter, packaging makes it easy to create displays that are very easy to transport. Brickes are...

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  • EllePot  - Tree Production System

    EllePot - Tree Production System

    Save money, labor costs, and time for your tree liner production.  Blackmore and Ellepot have the system for effective tree propagation. Get stronger healthier root system and natural development after planting. See the Jumbo Ellepot machine in action here:

  • FibreDust - Model CM-200 - Coco Mill System

    FibreDust - Model CM-200 - Coco Mill System

    The automated CM-200 can take full pallets of coir block and reconstitute them all easily. Blocks are shoved off the pallet and into a hopper which adds the precise amount of water necessary to restore the coir to a usable state. There is not water waste or mess. The reconstituted coir leaves the the Coco Mill by conveyor.