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  • JBI - Model 30 - Magnum Toolbar

    JBI - Model 30 - Magnum Toolbar

    High Speed Application With Low Soil Disturbance. Heavy Duty Construcation 4' x 6' x 1/2' Tubing with Reinforced Frame Corners. Featuring 12-30' or 24-15' Yetter 2987 NH3 Magnum Coulters. Wing Cylinders 4' x 36' with Wing Down Flex of 13 Degrees. Two Pair Walking Tandem Lift Wheels, 12.5-15 20 Ply Tires. Heavy Hinge Assembly Using 3' Pins. Brackets for Tank Mount Option Welded to Each Toolbar. Heavy Cast Category IV Clevis Hitch.

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  • aNH3 Equaply - Model Liquimaticâ„¢ - Ammonia Application System

    aNH3 Equaply - Model Liquimaticâ„¢ - Ammonia Application System

    The Liquimatic from aNH3.Company, has a unique focus on the ammonia application process, particularly how individual components interact. We coordinate closely with John Deere, AgLeader, and Trimble to work under their control systems. Because we have worked with farmers, we have learned special problems in various areas of the country. We have defined a new paradigm for larger ammonia flows. Our goal is to provide equal distribution of anhydrous...

  • JBI - Magnum Fertilizer Coulters

    JBI - Magnum Fertilizer Coulters

    Magnum Fertilizer Coulters feature: 22' Blade with single bevel. Spring-loaded scraper/knife with SS tube. 5 degree angle mounting. Beveled cast iron sealing wheel with Sharktooth Wheel. Heavy Duty Spring assembly for down pressure. Adaptable mounting for different bar sizes.

  • JBI - Planter Closing Wheels

    JBI - Planter Closing Wheels

    Planter settings play an important role when it comes to improving yield potential...so don't forget about the closing wheels. 'The best hybrids or perfect seed spacing can be rendered useless if the seed trench is less than ideally-closed to kick start emergence. The proper selection of the right type of closing wheel coupled with adequate down force are crucial to successful seeding. Rubber and spike are the two most popular style of closing...