JERS Corporation

JERS Corporation

ERS (Environmental Recycling System) is a High-Speed Composting (Fermentation & Drying) System which can convert a batch of organic matter or waste into value-added products such as fertilizer or animal feed within 2-24 hour. The base technology of ERS is to reproduce the natural circulation system in the machine for short time operation. The material such as organic waste, food processing waste, sludge etc. are thrown into the reactor, in which would be vacuumed to meintain a certain boiling point. Thus an ideal condition for the high-speed composting is provided and dehydrate the materials in a short time.

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+81-3-3262-4572 , Chiyoda-ku, , Tokyo,Japan 102-0082 Japan
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$100,000,000 US - $1,000,000,000 US


1, It can recycle tons of waste within 1 to 2 hours.


2, Capacity range from 500 kg/day to 300 tons/day 


3, No waste water is produced, the water from the waste is used for the steam in the system.


4, High saline and moisture content waste can be treated.


5, There is no elimination of smoke, 100% environmental friendly, can exchange carbon credits as per the Kyoto protocol.


6. The output is bacteria free.