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  • Forestry

  • Jiffy Preforma - Seeding/Rooting of Crops

    Jiffy Preforma - Seeding/Rooting of Crops

    Preforma offers the ultimate in flexibility for growers worldwide seeding/rooting a wide array of crops. Preforma plugs are held together through a binder, making the plugs well suited for use in any type of automation solution, Another key benefit of Preforma; cutting rooting time significantly, as plugs will not crumble even when not fully rooted during an automated transplanting...

  • Jiffy-7 Forestry - Eucalyptus Cuttings

    Jiffy-7 Forestry - Eucalyptus Cuttings

    Designed especially for  forestry seedlings, making sure the natural structure of  root development will be preserved through an  'open' wall structure for the roots to penetrate precisely where they want. The absence of a rigid wall (plastic cell/containers) secures a healthy natural root system throughout the tree's life as root deformation in the early stages of development has been taken out of the equation.

  • Jiffy-7C - Pellet

    Jiffy-7C - Pellet

    The Jiffy-7C pellet is, like its brother the Jiffy-7, a unique concept packing the same cost saving advantages for the grower on the lookout to minimize input costs. The Jiffy-7C consists of 100% coir, comes compressed, saving on freight and logistics. Jiffy-7C is available in many sizes and tray configurations and is well suited to be used in fully automated sticking lines. When utilizing a Jiffy pellet loader system, bulk Jiffy-7C pellets can...

  • Jiffy Carefree - Pellets

    Jiffy Carefree - Pellets

    Carefree pellets, closely related to the Jiffy-7 range of pellets, are lesser compressed and contain amendments to the soilless mix, they expand fast and are suitable for a wide array of cuttings. The larger Carefee sizes are well suited to be used as a replacement for pots, no need to remove hundreds of containers, the Carefree pellets have a proven record of saving labor when used by the professional landscaper.