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  • Teagle - Roller Mowers

    Teagle - Roller Mowers

    Overlapping rotors ensure 100% cutting over the full width to produce a high quality professional finish. A smooth underside assists the flow of cut material through the machine, whilst a rotor divider and deflector assist an even spread of cut material across the width of the mower. Fit the optional mulching kit and front roller for a finer finish.

  • Vicon - Model RO-C - Fertiliser Spreader

    Vicon - Model RO-C - Fertiliser Spreader

    The RO-C is the most compact spreader in the program, but features all elements of the RotaFlow spreader line. The basic hopper capacity is 700 litres, but can be increased up to 900 or 1.400 litre with different hopper extensions. The standard working width is 9 -18m, but can be increased up to 20/21m with an optional kit of vanes.