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  • Agricultural Machinery

  • Model KPS - Gravity Table Separator

    Model KPS - Gravity Table Separator

    Gravity table separator KPS are decicated for sorting materials with the same size of particals in different specific weight. These machines are used for cleaning sowing seeds and small seeds.

  • Model KUTR - Small Seeds Cleaner

    Model KUTR - Small Seeds Cleaner

    Small seeds cleaner KUTR sorts and cleanes the crops very precisely, using sieves and air at the same time. Heavy particles come through sieves and low density particles are lifted and comes along the sieve together with bigger particles.

  • Model KVOR - Dry Destoners

    Model KVOR - Dry Destoners

    Dry Destoners KVOR is used to divide the stream of material into two fraction according to different specific weight. Material is brought to a sloped sieve, where the influence of the oscillation and flow of air leads to a fluidised bed and stratification graded material from light on the top to the heavy bottom.

  • Model KUTM - Poppy Seeds Separator

    Model KUTM - Poppy Seeds Separator

    Poppy seeds separators are special sieving sorters of the production line KUT, which are destined to separate poppy seeds from poppy. For higher efficiency of cleaning and in order to sell poppy for pharmaceutical companies, is this machine fitted with pair of sieves.

  • Model KMP - Low-Diameter Hulling Machine

    Model KMP - Low-Diameter Hulling Machine

    Low-diameter hulling machines are used for surface cleaning and hulling of grains and legumes before it is further processed. They are also used for step-by-step hulling of the grains before they are further processed. ingle types and their variants mainly differ by the type and shape of the rotor and the surface of the hulling sheets.

  • Model KLS 500 - Sunflower Seed Huller

    Model KLS 500 - Sunflower Seed Huller

    Sunflower seed huller are used for hulling of sunflower seed for direct seeds consume or for hulling before oil pressing. Hulling is effected on the principle of utilise of kinetic energy of flying seed impact. Sunflower seed hullers are designed to achieve maximum share of seeds in one piece. Machines used for pre-crushing of sunflower seeds for purposes of oil pressing are solved with aim to achieve maximum share of hulled peels at high...

  • Model KDL 600 - Disc Huller

    Model KDL 600 - Disc Huller

    Disc peeling machine KDL is destined to separate skin from seeds, which aren´t fixed on the nut. It is used to peel the small seeds like millet and buckwheat. It also can be used for bigger seeds like peas or soya. Before the seeds are ready for peeling, they must be sorted to different sizes and properly cleaned, especially cleaned from stones, which could damage the peeling cloak.

  • Model KSD - Spiral Conveyer

    Model KSD - Spiral Conveyer

    Spiral conveyers KSD are destined to transport the bulk material. Its construction makes the usage possible in any direction (vertical, horizontal, crossways). Different kinds of infalls and outfalls minimize the conveyer´s needed hight. Infall type „MOLE“ can take the materiál directly from the mass or reservoir. Turns and material composition of the spiral conveyer is chosen according to the transported material (crops). It...