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  • Ferris - Model H2227B W/R61 - Mowers

    Ferris - Model H2227B W/R61 - Mowers

    The ProCut S 3-wheel riding mower features a simple design for easy operation and serviceability. The 3-wheel lawn mower was the first commercial mower Ferris ever produced in 1986. The ProCut S, featuring mower suspension technology, enhances speed and comfort. The improved height-of-cut control makes changing grass cut height a snap. If you desire a 3-wheel mower with high visibility and want to reduce your yard work time under low hanging branches,...

  • Little Wonder - Model 904 - Bed Shapers

    Little Wonder - Model 904 - Bed Shapers

    BedShaper® Creates Clean Edges Fast...0 to 100 in 60 seconds flat! Forget labor intensive and back-breaking edging with a shovel. With the BedShaper®, you’ll create clean, sharp edges, even 'S' curves, at up to 100' per minute. With these speeds, you’ll cut your labor costs almost as fast as you’ll cut the most intricate shapes!