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  • Tillage Equipment

  • Johnson Manufacturing - V-Runner

    Johnson Manufacturing - V-Runner

    The V-Runner is a non-powered, multi-purpose row crop sled that uses V-Runners in the furrows for the guidance needed in precision farming.

  • Johnson Manufacturing - Bed Shaper

    Johnson Manufacturing - Bed Shaper

    The Bed Shaper, one of the oldest members of Johnson Farm Machinery’s family of tillage equipment, is available in all sizes. This versatile tool, used throughout the world for over 40 years, enables you to precisely shape beds, allowing you to optimize your fields growing and harvesting conditions to obtain maximum yield.

  • Johnson Manufacturing - AP Double Row Tunnels

    Johnson Manufacturing - AP Double Row Tunnels

    The All Purpose is a heavy duty PTO powered tool designed to provide growers with the flexibility they need to perform multiple operations with one tool.  AP was the first tool we developed that utilized a lower hexagon shaft allowing easy re-positioning of tiller blades and the addition of plant tunnels. It is the only tool we offer that has blades to cultivate in the furrows.

  • Johnson Manufacturing - Incorporator

    Johnson Manufacturing - Incorporator

    The Johnson Incorporator has provided superior performance and reliability to growers for over 40 years. It is a PTO powered tool used after listing to mulch, to precisely incorporate herbicide, to apply fertilizer and insecticide, or to shape seed beds. This versatile tool can also be used for planting by attaching planters to the rear bar. The Incorporator is available in most bed sizes and can be specified to provide either full bed, split bed,...

  • Johnson Manufacturing - MD Mulcher

    Johnson Manufacturing - MD Mulcher

    The Johnson MD Mulcher is a heavy duty PTO powered tool that is ideal for pre-plant mulching, for bed shaping and for close cultivating. It is the newest member of Johnson Farm Machinery’s family of tillage equipment.