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  • JUMILES - Model JM5023 PD - Multi-Seeder

    JUMILES - Model JM5023 PD - Multi-Seeder

    The no-till seeders JUMILES-JM 5023PD, are ideal for sowing of wheat, oats, barley, rye, rice and other grains.The chassis door bar system has front and rear, tools that allow the mounting of the seeder units stay under deposits, facilitating the flow of fertilizer or seed.Equipped with tires 18.30-14 with bigger diameter and width, enables better traction on wet grounds, more softness in uphill or downhill, and less destruction of taipas on rice...

  • Model JM390 - Grain Harvester

    Model JM390 - Grain Harvester

    The grain Harvester was developed JM390 for coupling the tractors with minimum power 75 HP. is an advanced design with technology, efficiency, quality and simplicity. Features adjustable platforms delivery option for harvesting two rows of corn with 45 to 90 cm spacings; grain platform with 2-metre cutting width to harvest soybeans, sorghum, wheat, rice and black beans; and dregs platform for other varieties of beans (optional). The beater rotor has...