JustCommonSense AB’s mission is “to develop and market products for agriculture” and has its basis and origin of the patented innovation weed cutter CombCut. The company will also develop and sell other products with similar orientation. Some are at a late stage of development.

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Lyckeaborgsvagen 65 , Karlskrona , SE-37192 Sweden

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Internationally (various countries)


P.S. There are many people who helped me in various ways to develop CombCut and protect the patents behind it.

To name a few:

  • Blekinge Business Incubator (BBI)
  • LRF Innova
  • County Administrative Board of Blekinge
  • JTI
  • SLU Ekoforsk
  • Alnarp Innovation (AI)
  • ALMI
  • D.S.

Welcome to the Place of the Combcut
CombCut is a mechanical and selective weedcutter developed to comb Your crop and cut weeds in cereals, grassland and and other similar crops. Without herbicides you can use CombCut to weed crops when:

Crop is slender than the weed. And / or Weed is branched and crop is not.

But of course you can also use CombCut to cut weeds above branched crops like canola, soy or coarse crops like some vegetables.

The selective weedcutter CombCut cuts weed and cost