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  • Feed Systems

    Feed Systems

    The range of feed systems includes the internal feed transport in cattle housing as well as dry feeding systems in pig housing. These systems are made in modules and being the longest on the market can reach a transportation length of 800 meters. Besides, there are the famous AP Swing feeders for both weaners and finishers as well as various cribs and troughs for other house sections. For cattle housing Jyden has different types of feed grids and...

  • Pig Housing and Cattle Stall Water Systems

    Pig Housing and Cattle Stall Water Systems

    Jyden water systems includes the famous AP Aqua Levels as well as water supply systems, drinking cups, valves and sprinkling in pig housing. For cattle stalls Jyden offers a wide range of water troughs and drinking cups.

  • Livestock Water systems

  • Livestock Ventilation

  • Tube Ventilation

    Tube Ventilation

    Reduction of respiratory deseases and mortality The tube ventilation is designed to ensure a precise air exchange, primarily for ventilation in calf barns as well as for cattle barns - especially in areas with risk of congestion. The tube ventilation can be used 24-7-365 in order to reduce the temperature and infection pressure in the animal housing. The tube ventilation operates with a fresh air velocity of approx. 0,3 m/sec. The fans are programmed...

  • Natural Ventilation

    Natural Ventilation

    FLEXIBLE SOLUTION : Natural ventilation is an ideal solution - primarily for cattle housing, but can also be used for pig housing with penning. The ventilation system is built in modules of 2 m length. The width can vary, depending on the need for sunlight opening - with a span from 1500 to 3500 mm. As a standard, the ventilation system is performed with fixed open ridge, but it can be exchanged with an adjustable ridge to optimize and adjust the...