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  • JD - Model 4830s & 4730 - Sprayer

    JD - Model 4830s & 4730 - Sprayer

    Order your 4830s & 4730s without booms and turn them into a 4930 with our 120’ aluminum booms. When a 4800 or 4700 series is ordered without booms we provide everything needed to mount boom on. Custom made front boom rest. Unlike John Deere's boom rest these provide a solid rest for the booms when in transport. Custom made center frame needed when sprayer is ordered without booms. Custom built cylinder with JD fold sensors built in. Brackets...

  • JD - Model 4930 - Sprayer

    JD - Model 4930 - Sprayer

    2007 4930 JD Sprayer With 120’ Aluminum Booms. Great all-around view from in cab. With our boom on this one we have lighted it up over 4000#. Over 700hr on this unit and still in great shape.