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  • Equipment

  • Flood Gate

    Flood Gate

    Floodgates are made of black steel, painted or made of galvanized sheet steel. The movement of the agte plate is carried out through special screw and nut, which increases the security and smooth operation of the facility. Drive can be manually or motor. Produced floodgate sizes: 200/200, 300/300, 400/400 and 200/400.

  • Thermal Control System

    Thermal Control System

    The equipment is a digital system for thermal control and management of the ventilation of grain silos. The main function of the system is measuring the temperature of grain during its storage. The elements of this system are:

  • Metal Foot Bridge

    Metal Foot Bridge

    Metal footbridges are metal sites, which is placed technological equipment for loading the silos, but also and passage site for staff. Footbridges consist of a metal platform, guard rail with a height of 1.10 meters, columns and chairs. The metal columns and chairs are connected to the silo. Metal footbridges are made of galvanized steel or black steel (painted with primer and paint).